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Bryanna Fissori MMA Fighter Interview

Bryanna Fissori MMA Fighter Interview
Bryanna Fissori MMA Fighter Interview

Bryanna Fissori MMA Fighter Interview With only one fight behind her and her next fight Saturday being a title fight, Bryanna Fissori was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions for Fighter Girls. Bryanna not only trains to fight in the sport but she is also a freelance MMA/Boxing legal analyst/reporter for various publications.

Bryanna Fissori MMA Fighter Interview

1. Tell us a little background story on you, Bryanna. How did you get involved in MMA?

BF-I am just a small town girl from a dairy farm in the middle of nowhere Northern California. After finishing my undergraduate degree in Agriculture Business happened and I bounced around a bit after that spending some time in the midwest and landing alone Honolulu just over two years ago with the vaguest of plans and not a penny to my name. A small town girl living in a hostel underneath the heat of the Waikiki tiki torches, I found out quick what it was really like to be alive! About six months into my stay on the island I was lucky enough to find the best fight ohana (Hawaiian word for family) in the world, South Oahu MMA. I hadn’t had much previous experience and nothing that would have prepared me for the training and life style change I was about to undergo. We were a rag-tag sandlot crew full of heart and dedication. We were the new kids on the block. Two years later we find ourselves prepping fighters for fights almost monthly. My coaches are everything to me and my sparring partners are like brothers. We are truely family and I have been very blessed.

Bryanna Fissori MMA Fighter Interview

2. With this being your second fight, talk about your first fight. Your experience?

BF-With a bruised face, swollen from the first two rounds of war, time was not on my side as I knew I only had two more minutes to get to the ground where I wanted to be. We were up against the cage, fighting like there was no tomorrow. I felt her level drop and I shoved my arm under her neck as deep as possible. Dreading going to my back I continued to fight for the deepest hold possible before I pulled the trigger, jumping as high as I could to wrap my legs around her waist and pull her into my guard. Tap. Tap. Third round guillotine choke for the win!
My first first fight could not have gone better. I was matched against an awesome opponent with a similar level of experience but a different game plan. Nadia Humpheries is a Marine and she is one tough girl although she is also ridiculously nice and we have kept in contact and continue to encourage each other. She will be competing in a kickboxing bout on Friday and I wish her the best of luck.

Bryanna Fissori MMA Fighter Interview

3. How do you feel preparing for your second fight? Your opponent? Your confidence level?

BF-This second fight has been a whole different experience. I had know about the Fightgirls Hawaii event for some time, but with no opponent in sight I had already started prepping for a gi jiu jitsu tournament that was taking place the same weekend.
I am taking this fight on two weeks notice against an opponent with years more experience in the game. It is also a title fight. Does that shake me? I’m not going to lie. She is a great fighter and I am a fan. Vee Vickers has been a staple name in the Hawaii MMA scene for some time. I thought we would meet in the cage eventually. This is just a little sooner than I imagined. That being said, I am fully prepared for battle. 1. I believe in God, 2. I believe in myself, 3. I believe I have done everything possible to prepare myself for this moment. Bring it on!

Bryanna Fissori MMA Fighter Interview

I have been blessed with two awesome Head Coaches, Avery Jamora and Guy Orogo, who have put up with me through thick and thin as they have molded me into the fighter girl I have become. My brothers at South Oahu MMA (SOMMA) are there whenever I need them. My extended fight ohana reaches to some awesome specialty coaches all of which I also consider close friends, Bellator fighter Rich De Los Reyes, Zack Pang with Team HK as well as Drake Fujimoto and Rod Amano at Waterfront jiu jitsu. I have a supportive church family at New Hope Diamond Head to pray with me before battle and above all I am confident in my ability to listen to my number one corner man, the Lord above. “I can do everything through him who gives me strength!” Philippians 4:13.
I’m grateful for the opportunity to do what I do. I love the sport, I love to train. I love the feel of my arms around someone’s neck and the vibration of the tap tap on the floor. I love the focus and the flurries. I love the energy and the adrenaline. The comradery and the solitude. I love being a mixed martial artist. Let’s do this!


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