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Carina “La Reina” Moreno

Carina “La Reina” MorenoThis past year was an eventful year for Carina Moreno, the world-class 105# from Watsonville, California. Along with over 4 victorious fights this past year and a current record of 15-1, Carina also won the NABF Fighter of the Year Award, the WBC Female Fighter of the Year Award, and the Lily Rodriguez Award. “I was shocked win I heard I received the NABF Fighter of the Year Award. And it’s an honor for any Mexican to win an award from the WBC (aka the “green belt” in the boxing world).

So what is it about Moreno’s boxing that has the ‘Boxing World’ keeping an eye on this 105 pounder who has been known for her “quick combos” and “great ring movement”? Carina’s Trainer, Rick Noble, focuses a lot on head movement, moving side-to-side, defensive techniques and quick combos. Noble stresses the importance of being ‘elusive’ with your opponent, making your opponent constantly guessing.

When asked what fighter(s) would she like to emulate, without hesitation, claims the style of Barrera and Juan Marquez. “I like the ‘Mexican’ style of boxing.” Which she went on to explain that 80-90% of Mexican boxers like to work the body and move in straight forward with constant pressure on their opponents.

Carina points much of her “good year” in the direction of gaining a great Manager (Repo Rick) and being signed by a promoter (Christian Prinup). “In the past, I was having a lot of problems getting fights with my amateur experience (36-2) and in my weight division.” Without hesitation, Carina has been securing wins in the 105#, 108#, and 112# division in her pro career but is thankful to now have a promoter who is willing to do whatever it takes to find her a fight.

While Carina was very excited to transition from amateur to professional status mainly because she was relieved to not ‘have’ to wear headgear and big gloves, she stated that her 38 fights as an amateur was important for her as a fighter. “In the beginning stages of female boxing, women were immediately turning pro and at times it showed in their skills. I think all fighters need to go through an amateur program in order to develop their skills in the ring.” Moreno goes on to comment that Female Boxing has matured and the women are demonstrating great boxing skills in the ring and at times stealing the show from the men on the card. Hopefully this will be the case on December 6th, as Carina defends her WBC title for the second time at the Tachi Palace and Casino in Lemoore, CA.

“A long-term goal of mine is to defend my title at 105# four or five more times and then move up to win the title at 108# and then 112#.” In the near future her manager hopes to get her a TV fight sometime in 2008.

While boxing is Carina’s ‘heart and soul’, she started training kickboxing and has been watching MMA on YouTube. “I think MMA looks like fun and would like to try it someday,” Moreno laughs.

In fact, Moreno and her trainer, Noble, recently opened up their own training facility in her hometown of Watsonville, California with both Boxing and MMA training. “Noble Moreno Boxing Club and Kutgar” is currently opened to the public for MMA training under Vince Vanderlippe.

Carina is hoping to end this eventful year victoriously on December 6th and is ready for her upcoming venture in 2008. Keep an eye on Carina “La Reina” Moreno is taking the Boxing World by storm!

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