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Cassandra Outlaw Muay Thai Princess

Cassandra Outlaw Muay Thai Princess
Cassandra Outlaw Muay Thai Princess

Cassandra Outlaw Muay Thai Princess

NAME: Cassandra Outlaw
NICKNAME: Muay Thai Princess
AGE: 16
FIGHT-STYLE(S): BJJ (Blue Belt under Prof. Scott Shields) Japanese Jiu-Jitsu (Purple Belt, 2 stripes, from IMAA) MMA/C.O.M.A. Fighting System (Purple Belt) Muay Thai (Level II, from IMAA) JKD (Apprentice Level I, from IMAA) Kali/Silat (no rank yet)

Cassandra Outlaw Muay Thai Princess

LENGTH OF TRAINING: Almost 12 years, the last two very seriously
GYM/TRAINING CENTER: Integrated Martial Arts Academy/Team C.O.M.A.
COACH: Jason T. Outlaw, Mark Cukro, Derrick Pearson, Scott Shields, Keith Baldwin
TITLES: NC State Muay Thai Champ 2008 (Overall) NC State Muay Thai Champ (14 – 17 yrs) 2007, 2008, SC Classic Grappling State Champ 2007, Silver 2008 (adv Women’s Div) Georgia State Champ NAGA 2007 Adv teen girls) and many more medals and trophies.

GOALS IN 2009: My goals for 2009 are to get my next level/belt in each art that I train. To increase my sponsorships to include Alpha Female Fightwear (I am sponsored now by Revgear and Fight Durty) I would like to continue competing and wining tournaments. Also, since I am home schooled I would like to finish High School early and start college. Last, I would like to continue to grow as a person through the discipline and self control/respect that I gain through training in the Martial Arts.

MOST MEMORABLE EVENT/BOUT: My bout for the NC State Muay Thai Championships. I felt I completely dominated that fight with minimal effort because my training and preparation for that fight was very good. I love the feeling of utterly smashing my opponent at will. This is only attained when you train your hardest though.

OTHER HOBBIES/ETC.: Art, music, I am learning to speak Thai, swimming , UFC parties and hanging with my friends and training partners.

UPCOMING BOUTS: Any NAGA event within 5 hours driving distance, all kickboxing tournaments I can find, also I would like to fight some MMA but I have to find somewhere that it is legal for someone my age. I will keep you up to date on all fights as I get the dates and time and send you pics and video of all my wins and placements.

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