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How things have changed in women’s MMA

As I am going through the Fighter girls forum that dates back to 2001 it is sad to see how many broken links and lost pictures there are on the site that have to be repaired. People and companies poured their hearts and souls into women’s MMA thinking it would pay off big or maybe they just loved to read, write and be a part of it all. Most people found out that it was not cheap back in the early 2000’s to build a site maintain it and find pictures and content to keep it going! Some had dreams that their website will make them Millions $$ but in fact the market was flooded by everyone competing to have the best women’s MMA site! Not only that but Fighter girls have been around to see these promotions go bankrupt HookNshoot, Bodog, IFL, Elite XC, Smakgirl and many more that tried to make it big but found out sometimes MMA just does not payoff. Fighter girls being the original and first women’s MMA site was dedicated for the women to get recognition is the male dominated sport! This site was and has always been free for all both the fighters and the people who love MMA news without popups or advertisement that always bugs me to this date.

Women’s Mixed martial Arts Past To Present

Some companies did well in the MMA world making great sites for news, pictures, and video and still remain on the worldwide web! Congrats to them! My big question is are websites the thing of the past now that twitter, Facebook, and other social media companies now offer free profile or will people soon burn out from these social media companies that want $ to promote your post and boost it so others can see and read it? I guess no one can tell the future and where it is headed and proof of this is all the broken links on the forum I have to remove that means the site is gone or has moved. I try to look them up and most are gone for good!

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