Christina Domke Female Fighter – Locked and Loaded

Christina Domke Female Fighter – Locked and Loaded

Christina Domke Female Fighter – Locked and Loaded

Christina Domke Female Fighter – Locked and Loaded “The Machine Gun” is ready to take Wisconsin MMA to the next level.

Wisconsin’s own Christina “The Machine Gun” Domke is ready to shoot to thrill.

After her loss at Raging Wolf, the 2-1 Domke is set to face Sammie Rosado at the ECO Fights 5 in Baraboo, WI this coming Saturday. She talked to us on Fightergirls and told us about her training and bringing women’s MMA to the forefront in her home state.

Christina Domke Female Fighter – Locked and Loaded

Domke has inked a four fight deal with Wisconsin’s North American Fight Championships, and said she is happy to earn that distinction.

“It was very exciting for me,” Domke stated. “Contracts for women in general are rare. Promoters don’t want to try and guarantee that many fights to a woman because finding matches is so hard to find at times. That was really big for me. I was definitely honored.”

Domke played soccer in high school and the constant action has helped her in her fights.

Christina Domke Female Fighter – Locked and Loaded

“I have never had a problem with my endurance,” Domke admitted. “I have never gassed out in a fight. My fight lengths have been across the board from going to decisions to going 26 seconds.”

To get prepared for her coming match, Domke has been training with former pro-fighter Casey Blaso. Domke expressed that it has helped not only herself, but Blaso as well.

“Her and I get together and train as much as possible,” Domke said. “It is something she is trying to do because she isn’t currently able to fight, so she ‘lives vicariously through me’ she says. She has been very helpful to me.”

Domke is concentrating on getting back on the winning track with her match this Saturday, and coming back after her defeat is something she takes in stride.

“Sometimes it takes time to overcome a loss and it was a learning experience for me. You’ve got to lose sometime. Nobody ever gets away with a perfect record. It’s something where you have to go back to the gym and figure out where you made your mistakes, learn from it, and go back to training.”

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