Christine Toledo vs Zheng Yenan Controversial

Christine Toledo vs Zheng Yenan Controversial

Christine Toledo vs Zheng Yenan Controversial

Christine Toledo vs Zheng Yenan Controversial

Christine Toledo vs Zheng Yenan Controversial Las Vegas, NV – September 1, 2009 – On Sunday, August 30, 2009, Professional Muay Thai Fighter Christine Toledo fought China’s National WulinFeng Champion Zheng Yenan, and suffered a controversial loss. The fight was scored under WulinFeng rules, with all three judges giving the decision to Yenan.

According to many people in the audience, “Toledo was the winner”. It appeared as though the decision came as a surprise to Zheng Yenan when her hand was raised in victory.

Christine Toledo vs Zheng Yenan Controversial

Toledo commented, “I am disappointed about the decision and a number of things that happened leading up to the fight. The professionalism was not all there. I’m not one to complain about things when they are fair, but this… it wasn’t just unfair. It was wrong”.

Toledo vs Yenan was a contracted bout under WulinFeng rules at 118 lbs. scheduled for 3 rounds x 3 minutes. The day before the fight, all the fighters came to weigh in and all but Toledo vs. Yenan met weight requirements. Toledo made the weight. Yenan did not. Yenan and her management team refused to lose the weight to meet contract requirements and gave Toledo and her management the choice to renegotiate the contract or cancel the fight. Toledo agreed to renegotiate so the fight would go on. Before walking into the ring, the round minutes were changed from 3 minutes to 2 minutes. As understood by Toledo and her trainers, throws were not allowed or given points on the scorecards, yet Yenan performed throws and was given points for them.

Christine Toledo vs Zheng Yenan Controversial

“As a fighter, I always believe that losses are experiences we make lessons of. I am always learning about myself and the things I can improve on for the next. Right now I guess I can say that I’ve been experimental with moving up in weight and testing out a different set of fight rules. And at this point, it’s certainly not going the way I’d like it to, but I’m learning more than just about how I perform in the ring. I’m realizing and forming new perspectives on the relationships between fighters and fight promoters – the good the bad, and the ugly”.

Toledo continues, “I’m a positive person who believes that everything happens for a reason. So there’s a reason for all this, and I’ll just have to take what comes and move forward. Let Yenan enjoy her victory. I’m not one to spoil anyone’s happiness. In my heart, I know I won this fight. If I have to keep that to myself, so be it”.

Toledo and her management have discussed only accepting full Muay Thai rules opportunities and staying in her natural fight weight division (112-115 lbs) for the rest of the year.

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