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Cindy Dandois Battle Cat Female Fighter

Cindy Dandois Battle Cat Female Fighter
Cindy Dandois Battle Cat Female Fighter

Cindy Dandois Battle Cat Female Fighter

Cindy Dandois Battle Cat Female Fighter After her upset win over number 2 ranked Marloes Coenen, Cindy Dandois is looking to take the world by storm.

(Cindy Dandois took some time out of her busy schedule to talk to Fightergirls over at this week to talk about her MMA career.)

It could be called the women’s MMA upset of the year when the debuting Cindy Dandois defeated the current number two ranked Marloes Coenen back in January. Dandois had only been training for five months when fate intervened when she was trying to find an opponent to face.

Cindy Dandois Battle Cat Female Fighter

“My brother started to search for amateur mma fights,” Dandois explained. “At that time they were looking for someone to fight Marloes Coenen, and I said, ‘why not?’ I have nothing to lose. It’s my first fight and if I lose, that’s ok I will learn something from it.”

After her huge win, Dandois moved into the top ten rankings, and although she was a novice, she did have some martial arts experience. She was a member of the national judo team in Belgium since she was 13, but decided to quit after her favorite coach was no longer with the team. After taking a brief hiatus to raise a family, Dandois decided to take up mma for a very compelling reason.

“I had to lose a few pounds from my pregnancy,” Dandois admitted. “I needed to do little bit of training, so I did mma.”

Dandois’s appreciates her day job is a French teacher and says that her students are her biggest fans.

“They are following it through the internet, they are really following it,” Dandois stated. “The time when I fought Marloes, I came in two days later in my class Monday morning, and they were giving me applause when I came in. My face was blue and they gave me applause because they found (the fight) on the internet.”

Dandois will be making her US debut fighting at the M-1 finals card in New York this December. She is tight lipped on an opponent, but says it will be someone we all know. She hopes to sign with Strikeforce and have a possibly have a match with either her idol Gina Carano or the champ Cris Cyborg.

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