Combat Sports Challenge

Combat Sports Challenge Brought to you by Combat Sports 2000 Sanctioned by the WKA USA Hosted by Prodigy Martial Arts Academy. January 31, 2004 at The Show Place in Richmond, VA.

Bertina Lee put her WKA US Title on the line against Emily Beardon in this highly anticipated match up. Their previously scheduled match was canceled due to Lee suffering a broken thumb just prior to that match. Lee came out strong in the first round, landing some great combinations and catching Beardon a bit off guard.

Combat Sports Challenge

Much to her credit, Beardon came out in the second round with some adjustments that allowed her to outscore Lee. The rest of the fight had the classic “power blows” verses “number of touches” judging controversy. Lee clearly established herself with power shots, landing powerful punches and backing Beardon up or stopping her in her tracks.

Combat Sports Challenge

Combat Sports Challenge

To Beardon’s credit, her adjustments paid off in the later rounds allowing her to score with both jabs and foot jabs. In the clinch, it was Lee controlling most of the action. It appeared to most in the crowd that the fight went 3 rounds to 2 for Lee, but the judges had it 48/47, 47/48, 48/47 for Beardon. Hats off to both of these fighters – they put on one heck of a fight. Not just a good ladies match, a GREAT FIGHT.

Beardon will defend her new title against Kate Meehan in New York on February 20, 2004, and then, regardless of that outcome, Meehan is scheduled to face Lee in Florida on March 13, 2004. The last title match was a rematch of the US Title match at the 2003 WKA US Nationals last summer.

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