Congrats All IBJJF 2012 Competitors

Congrats All IBJJF 2012 Competitors

Congrats All IBJJF 2012 Competitors

Congrats All IBJJF 2012 Competitors Fighter Girls would like to say “Congrats” to all the women who competed in the IBJJF 2012 this weekend at Cal State Long Beach, CA. Here are some results:

Women’s Blue Belt Open Class
FIRST Monique Medeiros Elias – Alliance (lightweight gold winner)
SECOND Julia Forrester – Alliance (heavyweight gold winner)
THIRD Erica Plummer – Lotus Club Jiu-Jitsu (lightweight bronze winner)
THIRD Ana Carolina Vieira Srour – GF Team (middleweight gold winner)

Women’s Purple Belt Open Class
FIRST Janni Larsson – CheckMat (middleweight gold winner)
SECOND Kristina Barlaan – Nova União (featherweight bronze winner)
THIRD Alison Tremblay – Brazilian Top Team (medium heavyweight gold winner)
THIRD Jena Bishop – Gracie Humaita USA (lightweight silver winner)

Congrats All IBJJF 2012 Competitors

penny thomas

Congrats All IBJJF 2012 Competitors

Women’s Brown Belt Open Class
FIRST Mackenzie Dern – Gracie Humaita (featherweight gold winner)
SECOND Ana Carolina Merlo Vidal Lebre – Gracie Humaita (lightweight gold winner)THIRD Charlene Marie Coats – Raul Castillo BJJ (middleweight gold winner)
THIRD Rachel Leigh Demara – Team Lloyd Irvin (middleweight silver winner)

Women’s Black Belt Female Finals on Sunday:
Light Feather: Miriam Cerqueira vs. Leticia Ribeiro
Feather: Marina Ribeiro vs. Michelle Nicolini
Light: Beatriz Mesquita vs. Luiza Monteiro
Middle: Luanna Alzuguir vs. Vanessa Oliveira
Middleheavy: Penny Thomas vs.. Fernanda Mazzeli
Heavy: Gabi Garcia vs. Tammy Griecco
Absolute: Gabi Garcia vs. Luiza Monteir

Pictured: Black Belt Finalist Penny Thomas

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