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Cornhusker Fight Club Wants Females on the Frontline’s

cornhusker fight clubWith February 17th’s “Tuff Love” event being only its third fight card, Cornhusker Fight Club has established a large following and name for itself in the Mid-West. Based in Lincoln, NE, Cornhusker Fight Club has proven to be an outstandingly organized Mixed Martial Arts event provider. Aside from its one-of-a-kind trademark circular cage placed at the heart of the Pershing Events Center, CFC sets itself apart from other surrounding MMA organizations by placing a priority on having females placed on every fight card. This is no simple task, since Mixed Martial Arts has yet to reach a mainstream status in Nebraska and surrounding states. However, Dakota Crow, President of CFC, does not find this to be any obstacle. He implores, “We welcome any female fighters, we want as many as we can get.” In fact, he hopes to eventually have an all female fight card, provided there are enough women to step up.

“Tuff Love” was CFC’s second fight card to include a female fight. This time, two were featured on the card. Out of the 16 scheduled fights that night, the two female fights were considered the best of show, aside from the main event. Surely, this will not be the last time, either, with the next fight card, CFC 4: Fighting Irish, being only five weeks away. By only striving to improve with each event and its rapidly growing fan base, Cornhusker Fight Club has given female fighters in the Mid-West a chance to prove and establish themselves as mainstays in MMA, and that they can be just as good as any of the guys.

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