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Courtney Stowe MMA Fighter

Courtney Stowe MMA Fighter
Courtney Stowe MMA Fighter

Courtney Stowe MMA Fighter  Missouri’s American Top Team amateur fighter climbs into the Hook ‘n Shoot Cage. Courtney Stowe has thrown herself into her amateur career as a MMA fighter. In the middle of a three fight set, Stowe hopes to improve her record and gain more experience as she works her way to becoming a pro.

Stowe talked to Fightergirls about her training, and gaining the knowledge that will propel her into the major leagues.

Stowe has always been aggressive, even since her high school days. She admits that she hung out with a tougher crowd – on the soccer field.

Courtney Stowe MMA Fighter

“Some of the teams would be really competitive,” Stowe commented. “There would be a few illegal elbows and shoulders.”

Besides the aggression, Stowe found that several aspects of soccer helped her fighting game.

“It helps my kicks,” Stowe observed. “I also have better cardio, because that’s all you do in soccer; run and run and run.”

Stowe had taken up the sport quickly, getting offered her first fight with only four days notice. With several fights under her belt now, she has her routine down pat.

“I didn’t realize it, but I get into a zone,” Stowe stated. “I start jumping around and walking around throwing random punches, and I didn’t realize I do it until someone mentioned it to me the other day.”

Stowe won her last fight, and hopes the next two go as well. She fights tonight, Saturday Nov. 28 for the Hook-n-Shoot card in Evansville, IN, and will fight in January in her hometown of Springfield, MO.

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