Cristiane Cyborg Santos Smashes Jan Finney

Cristiane Cyborg Santos Smashes Jan Finney
Cristiane Cyborg Santos Smashes Jan Finney

Cristiane Cyborg Santos Smashes Jan Finney

In another devastating TKO victory, Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos defended her women’s
championship title by crushing Jan “Cuddles” Finney on Saturday night’s Strikeforce: Fedor vs. Werdum, which was broadcast on Showtime. The event, which was held at HP Pavilion in San Jose, California, also known as the “Shark Tank” to NHL fans, saw a huge upset in the main event, but there were no surprises in the title fight, where
Santos took out Finney in the second round.

Cristiane Cyborg Santos Smashes Jan Finney

Jan Finney started the fight off with a bang as she landed a nice right hand punch on Cris Santos, but that only seemed to anger the champion, as Santos then went on a rampage, throwing punches in a wild exchange to start the bout. Finney, while in the clinch and being driven back into the cage, managed to land a solid right elbow
to the jaw of Santos, who took the strike without any noticeable impact.

Once the two women separated from the clinch, both landed left hand punches, but it was the “Cyborg” who then unloaded power shots from both hands, which dropped Finney to her knees. “Cuddles” Finney, who tried to go for a takedown, then ate a tremendous right knee from Santos on her way back up that landed squarely on her face, and dropped the challenger again.

Eventually the two found their way back to the feet, and it was all Santos as she dropped Finney with more power punches. Once on the ground, Finney attempted to slow down Santos by grabbing her leg and possibly looking for a submission attempt. It was at this time where Santos landed several punches to the back of Finney’s head, as she was completely covering up and on all fours.

Referee Kim Wilson warned Santos twice with “watch the back of the head,” and then a 3rd time before she stepped in and took a point away from Cris Santos. The deduction was warranted, as replays showed repeated illegal blows to the back of Finney’s head, although Jan appeared cognizant when talking to the referee and receiving a slight break during the timeout. After the restart, the rest of the round saw Santos knock Finney down again with more power shots, then she worked her ground and pound on Finney, who was defending and used upkicks to create some separation from the swarming Santos.

The beginning of the second round resembled the first, as Jan landed an impressive right hand punch, but the more powerful Cris simply walked through the strike to land plenty of her own, forcing Finney down to the ground. Santos, who landed plenty of ground and pound strikes, had to have been smelling blood as referee Kim Wilson instructed Finney to “fight back” at least twice. Jan then grabbed a leg and attempted to go for a lock, but it was not to be as Cris stepped out of the hold.

The two fighters were then stood up, where Santos landed more big punches, and finally a huge right knee to the ribs of Finney, which sent her crashing down to the mat in obvious pain. Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos then finished off her challenger, Jan “Cuddles” Finney, with two minutes left in the second round with several shots to the head from her powerful right hand, and was awarded a second round TKO victory.

While the upset in the main event made most of the headlines in the MMA world, “Cyborg” Santos continued to prove her dominance in the women’s division. Some may have questioned the stoppage by referee Kim Wilson, but none of those individuals are named Jan Finney, as she stayed down on the mat and did not argue one bit. The question now remains, is there anyone who can stand up to Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos?

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