Cung Le’s Gives Advice Gina Carano

Cung Le’s Gives Advice Gina Carano

Cung Le’s Gives Advice Gina Carano

Cung Le’s Gives Advice Gina Carano

Cung Le is about to unleash “Pandorum” in the theaters this weekend, and Fightergirls got a chance to talk to him about women’s mma and Gina Carano’s move to the movies.

On “Olivia Wilder Times” on Blog Talk Radio, Cung went into his personal life, his flourishing movie career, and vacating the Strikeforce Middleweight title. When asked about the effect women’s mma had on his gym, he had an interesting answer.

Cung Le’s Gives Advice Gina Carano

“I see a lot of women train for mma, but not for competitive (purposes),” Cung observed. “They just wanna get the great workout because they see all the top mma fighters train hard. And you know; they wanna see if they can grind through the tough workouts. Believe it or not, a lot of the females here do a lot better than the guys that come off the streets, because you know the guys don’t really take care of themselves.

They come in and party a lot and drink a lot of beer. And when they come in; we have a lot of garbage cans; and we see guys throw up a lot more in my gym then the girls. The girls are really pushing hard. I don’t know if they have something to prove, but they work out hard and a lot of times I like their work effort.”

Gina Carano, who is following in Cung’s lead going into movies, is going to star in Steven Sodenbergh’s “Knockout” which starts filming this January. Cung recommends that Carano uses the mental lessons she has learned in mma to make the transition to acting.

“Bring your same work effort that you would for a world title fight into your acting classes,” Cung advises Carano. “The roles I have gotten like ‘Pandorum’ and some of these Chinese movies, it’s not because of what kind of fighter I am. It’s how hard I work and how hard I am willing to take it to the next level to perfect my craft, which is acting. They got great stunt guys that can do what a lot of these fighters can do and it’s all about the acting. You do all your own stunts and you can act at the same time, you are gonna go some places.”

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