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Current Opinion WMMA Rankings

Current Opinion WMMA Rankings
Current Opinion WMMA Rankings

Current Opinion WMMA Rankings With the WAMMA rankings showing their first set of top female MMA competitors, I decided to compile my own list of how I think the rankings should look. I only did one division, the 135 pound featherweight.

(This does not reflect the opinions of and any other writers but myself.)

Current Opinion WMMA Rankings

MMA Women’s Featherweight
1) Tara Larosa (16-1)
One of the most dominant fighters around, who has an impressive 11 fight win streak.
2) Christiane Santos (6-1)
Cyborg has been dominant in most of her fights, and hasn’t lost since her first one.
3) Gina Carano (7-0)
She is still undefeated, but Gina’s last fight with Kelly Kobld, in this columnist opinion, was closer than the scores.
4) Hitomi Akano (14-5)
No fighter out there has been able to finish off the “Girlfight Monster” in terms of submissions and KO’s.
5) Kelly Kobold (16-3-1)
Kelly’s only loss were to Larosa, Carano, and a decision loss to Julie Kedzie. All tough fights.
6) Amanda Buckner (11-5-1)
Her loss to Hashi via decision and to Tara Larosa being her only recent blemishes, Buckner continues to dominate the submission game in women’s mma.
7) Takayo Hashi (11-1)
Having won 7 of her last fights, Hashi has only been able to finish off her opponent in only two of them.
8) Shayna Baszler (9-5)
Another submission specialist, her recent loss to Cyborg shouldn’t derail her too long.
9) Jenifer Tate (5-1)
Her only loss was to Baszler, and is working her way back into contention.
10) Tonya Evinger (7-3)
Currently on a three match win streak.
On the cusp – Julie Kedzie. Although she has had great wins in her career, she still is in need of a soild win streak.

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