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Cyborg vs. Coenen Fighters Experts Weigh-in

Cyborg vs. Coenen Fighters Experts Weigh-in
Cyborg vs. Coenen Fighters Experts Weigh-in

Cyborg vs. Coenen Fighters Experts Weigh-in With epic title match between Cyborg Santos and Marloes Coenen about to explode, the other top ranked fighters weigh-in and have their picks.

It was a long stare down in Miami, as Cyborg Santos (8-1) and Marloes Coenen (17-3) weighed in for their Strikeforce title match.

Coenen (143.75) and Cyborg (144.5) made it under weight, and when they faced each other for a good thirty seconds, you could see the intensity in both fighter’s eyes.

Cyborg vs. Coenen Fighters Experts Weigh-in

Fightergirls took time to ask the top ranked fighters their opinion of the match-up. Cyborg is currently favored in the odds, but the fighters all agree that the match is a very close one, and tough to call.

#1 ranked 135 pounder Sarah Kaufman – “Cyborg really has that strength advantage, so I think it is really going to be hard for Marloes to deal with her stand-up. If she can get Cyborg down, which Cyborg is open for, I think Coenen is pretty slick on the ground. Marloes has pretty good stand-up too, but I think Cyborg will take the fight.”

#3 ranked 135 pounder Roxanne Modafferi – “I think it could go either way. Cyborg is in fantastic shape. She definitely has that going for her, but I think she might gas out. If Marloes can survive the first round and make her blow out all her gas, maybe Marloes can use her technique and superior experience to take it to her. I am rooting for Marloes”

135 pounder Molly Helsel – “Cyborg is just a powerhouse. She is training in San Diego right now, and from all accounts that I have heard, she really is an animal. I think Marloes has been around for so long, and she has been in those situations before. I think Cyborg has not faced an opponent like Marloes, who knows to expect that kind of power, but has the technique to overcome it. I am kind of pulling for Marloes, but anything can happen.”

#4 Ranked 135 pounder Shayna Baszler – “I think she has the skill set to defeat Cyborg, but it is going to matter what Marloes shows up. Because nice Marloes will get overwhelmed, and angry Marloes won’t.”

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