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Debi Purcell Fighter NHB MMA

Debi Purcell Fighter NHB MMA
Debi Purcell Fighter NHB MMA

Debi Purcell Fighter NHB MMA

To say Debi Purcell has a lot to say is an understatement. Who can blame her? After ten years of helping build women’s MMA, Purcell has seen it all. From being a coach, a manager, a business woman, and most importantly a fighter, if there was one expert in the sport it is one Debi Purcell.
On Blog Talk Radio, Debi Purcell took some time out of her hectic schedule to talk about the past, present, and future of women in MMA.

Purcell gave some perspective from a fighter’s standpoint on the Cyborg Santos – Gina Carano match and gave some reasons why Carano may have not been totally on her game.


Debi Purcell Fighter NHB MMA

“Gina (Carano) had a lot of pressure on her. She did, and a lot of people don’t take that into consideration,” Purcell conjectured. “Cyborg is Brazilian and she came here from Brazil. She’s in America saying ‘Okay I am going to kick her ass.’ Where Gina is saying ‘Okay, everything is on the line here. I lose and I look like crap for a long time.’ That’s a lot of pressure and that breaks a lot of people.”

With mental toughness being a factor to Carano’s loss, Purcell reminisced about how they used to teach people to have a “Fighter’s heart” in the past.

“One of the things when you train with Marco (Ruas) that sucks in the olden days is that he basically beats the crap out of you,” Purcell remembers. “If you keep going, he’ll keep training you. And if you don’t, “bye”, because it’s like if you are gonna give up then you are gonna give up in the ring.”

The current hot topic of discussion is who will be the first challenger for Cyborg Santos for her belt. Purcell has her own opinion.

“I think Cyborg is beatable and I think the one who deserves to fight her next is Erin (Toughill). Because they haven’t built anyone else up to fight her.”

“Erin is one of the few people saying ‘I want her. I want her. I want her.’” Seeing how the sport is growing by leaps and bounds, Purcell sees the many feeder systems in which the talent pool can grow. She is helping these future stars by being pro-active.

“I think it is time for our own league, Debi stated. I have known that for ten years, believe it or not. I have been working on that actively for five, and for the last three try my hardest. This year my main goal is to get the pro-league started.”

As for those nay-sayers who have of late pronounced women’s MMA is on the decline and will soon die, Purcell gives them this statement.

“I can’t even see how anybody is gonna say it’s not going to make it,” Purcell retorts. “I think they are ridiculous. They don’t know what they are talking about. They’s chauvinists and they need to put on an apron and bake me a pie.”

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