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Debi Purcell Signs With Elite XC

Debi PurcellIt’s Official! Debi Purcell has signed a 3-fight deal with Elite XC. Debi’s first fight with Elite XC will be June 27th will be a very exciting bout against Brazil’s Carina Damm.

Its official Debi Purcell has signed a three-fight deal with EliteXC. The Ruas Vale Tudo blackbelt is to make her debut June 27th but with Carina Damm out an opponent hasn’t been confirmed.

Debi is mainly known for headlining HOOKnSHOOT “Revolution” in April ’02, the first all-women show in the US where she beat Christine Van Fleet by first round rear naked choke. Debi was also the first woman to fight in King of the Cage where she beat Nicole Albrecht by unanimous decision. Debi was out of MMA for all of 2003-5 with her second torn ACL followed by lack of opponents willing to face her. Debi returned to MMA for a decision loss to Hitomi Akano in Smack Girl in February ’06 before spending the rest of the year as an assistant coach to Marco Ruas’ IFL Condors. Debi was originally announced as participating in the ADCC ’07 Worlds until an injury, rumored to be her third ACL surgery, prevented her from competing.

Debi’s reputation came from strength on the level of Judy Neff, Striking like people think of Gina Carano today, and a ground game slicker than most competition of the time. Debi’s two drawbacks are her multiple ACL surgeries and her prime years are behind her. Debi five years ago against Carano today would be a fight for pay-per-view but with her one fight in over five years being a loss from two years ago nobody knows how Debi would fight now. In June longtime women’s divisions supporters should find out.

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