Dr Rosi Sexton Female Fighter

Dr Rosi Sexton Female Fighter

Dr Rosi Sexton Female Fighter

Dr Rosi Sexton Female Fighter

Dr Rosi Sexton Female Fighter What if you gave it up a possible successful career to try out something you are passionate about? Some people say that would being sanity. For Rosi Sexton, it was the right decision.
Sexton, who has a degree in mathematics and a PhD in Computers, is now a full time fighter. A self professed “geek”, Sexton had been doing martial arts since she was 13, starting with Tae Kwan Do, eventually taking up other martial arts including jiu-jistu. However, Sexton felt a need to put martial arts theory into practice.

Dr Rosi Sexton Female Fighter

“I was almost at the stage of doing some(martial arts) teaching, and I got to thinking I knew all this stuff, all these techniques. I’m really not that confident that I could actually fight,” Sexton recalled on a recent edition It’s having that confidence that I do know how to do it, that I can apply this. I didn’t have that. I started thinking, I’ve never been in a fight, can I make this stuff work?”

Her curiosity soon became a successful career as Sexton is now the number one ranked super flyweight fighter in the world. Nicknamed “The Surgeon”, Sexton has cut through her competition with precision and accuracy. Not to say she didn’t have it easy. She faced some of the toughest fighters in the world, including a tough split decision win in her match with Debi Purcell back in August, and her only loss to Gina Carano back in 2006. Don’t expect a rematch with Carano anytime soon. Sexton says she is staying at the superflyweight division – for now.

“I would love a rematch (with Carano), that would be all my birthdays and Christmases come at once,” Sexton admits. “But my management tells me I am too small to be fighting at 135. They won’t let me do it. I keep asking, but no, they won’t have it.”

Dr Rosi Sexton Female Fighter

Sexton admits the fight between her and Carano was tough when it came to Carano going down in weight and her going up. Not to say she still doesn’t think about it once in a while.
“There are things I could have done differently. I still replay the fight in my head all the time and think what could I have done. It’s water under the bridge now.”

Sexton looks forward to her fight with Jessica Aguilar June 19th at the Bellator Fighting Championships in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. They were supposed to have the fight this past April, but a shoulder injury sidelined Aguilar. Sexton says the few month delay helped prepared for a fight, especially making her move into the flyweight division.

“I had a chance to do a full weight cut,” Sexton adds. “I know I can make the weight now and put a few things together in my training. It’s coming together nicely. I think it’ll worked out well.”

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