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Elaina Maxwell – Looking For the Top

Elaina Maxwell - Looking For the Top
Elaina Maxwell – Looking For the Top

Elaina Maxwell – Looking For the Top At this point in her career, Elaina Maxwell is looking to improve her game and her record. To do so, she decided to move from the Cung Le’s gym in the Bay Area to Las Vegas to train with some of the best coaches in the world. The move also let Elaina Maxwell train with some of the top fighters in the sport and sparked friendships with Gina Carano and LaTasha Marzolla.

Elaina Maxwell – Looking For the Top

Maxwell stopped by Fighter girls to talk about the move and her training. With Maxwell tossing her hat in the cage to face Cyborg Santos, she admitted to have the opprotunity earlier this year when Cyborg missed weight in her fight with Hitomi Akano. However, Maxwell had to turn it down.

“I’m not going to fight (Cyborg) on a one day notice or a two day notice. It’s just not fair,” Maxwell explained. “I was to fight (Cyborg) the night that she didn’t make weight. When she fought that 125 pound Japanese girl (Akano) and the called and said ‘Elaina what’s you weight?’ I’m like ‘Uh are you guys kidding me? You seriously kidding me?’ It was 10 or 11 o’clock the night before the fight and I was like ‘oh my gosh.’ If I would have known that you know I would have never ate dinner that night and I had a really awesome dinner that night.”

Elaina Maxwell – Looking For the Top

Maxwell, who was defeated by Gina Carano two and a half years ago, helped train her for the Cyborg title match. When asked about a possible rematch with Carano, Maxwell had her reservations.

“I would have to talk to her about that. But you know like I told Gina after our last fight it was like ‘You know what? I’d rather just be your training partner than fight you again’,” Maxwell commented. “My roommate is one of her best friends, so we are all pretty close and I’d rather not fight Gina unless she has the belt.”

Maxwell is hoping to sign with Strikeforce and until she does that, she is hoping with her new training partners and new coaches, she will get her career on track once again.

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