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Elaina Maxwell – On Her Own Terms

Elaina Maxwell – On Her Own Terms
Elaina Maxwell – On Her Own Terms

Elaina Maxwell – On Her Own Terms Elaina Maxwell decided to take on the best in women’s MMA, and hopes to prove herself once again against top ranked Shayna Baszler.

Never let it be said that Elaina Maxwell is short on words or talent. Maxwell, since coming back after a two year absence from the scene, has been on a role defeating Liz Carreiro and Raging Wolf champion and #9 ranked Alexis Davis. Now she will face the #4 ranked Shayna Baszler at the Battle at the Border in at the Dakota Diamond Casino in North Dakota tonight.

Elaina Maxwell – On Her Own Terms

Fightergirls got a chance to talk to Maxwell on the Women Talk Sports this week.

Maxwell and Baszler both made weight for their match Thursday night at the 140 catch weight. Although she weighed a few pounds heavy in her match with Davis, Maxwell said she is on track when it comes to making 135 pounds again after this fight. She is currently consulting with UFC fighter Thiago Alvez about cutting down and it has been working.

“He is a really good asset to any fight camp because he’s been there and done that,” Maxwell explained. “I didn’t really have much to cut at all. I did exactly what he said for this fight.”

Baszler, a highly touted submission fighter, has been on a roll as of late, winning the Freestyle Cage Fighting 135 Grand Prix earlier this year. Maxwell said that she isn’t too worried about her grappling prowess.

“Her and I both are purple belts in jiu-jitsu,” Maxwell stated. “I am not worried if it goes standing or catch-wrestling. I have been working on my jiu-jitsu as long as she has. I know she concentrates more on her grappling a lot more than her striking. I know she is more dangerous on the ground than she is standing, so with that said, all she is going to do is to try to take me down.”

Maxwell and Baszler respect each other immensely, and come tonight, Maxwell is looking to light up the Dakota Magic Casino.

“Shayna is a cool cat, and it’s going to be a good fight.”

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