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Elena Reid Fighter Boxer MMA

Elena Reid Fighter Boxer MMA
Elena Reid Fighter Boxer MMA

Elena Reid Fighter Boxer MMA After conquering the sport of boxing, which saw her gain numerous titles, Reid decided to take up another combat sport….MMA. Undefeated in MMA, Reid is defending her Sovereign Nations title this Saturday at the Playboy Fight Nights card in North Dakota verses Alyx “Miss Luck” Hess. Reid was on Fighter girls to talk about her future fights, and comparing her boxing and blooming MMA careers.

Elena Reid Fighter Boxer MMA

Reid, who is now signed with Bellator MMA, and stated being apart of a possible 115 pound tournament this fall. With names like # 1 ranked 125 pounder Rosi Sexton and # 1 ranked 115 pounder Megumi Fujii being thrown around, Reid says she looks forward to proving herself. She knows that she still has a long way to go, though.

“I know by fighting them, I am making a big jump in my MMA career,” Reid stated. “I have confidence in my team and in my training, but I believe I need a lot more training before (the tournament).”

Reid has been boxing for over 15 years now, and felt that MMA would be a great way of challenging herself once again. Although she has a decent stand-up game, Reid said it has been a struggle.

“It’s hard from being the best to not knowing anything,” Reid admitted. “I have been boxing for a long time, and it’s a lot easier to get into. MMA is fresh and something new. I love both of them and I am still a baby in (MMA).”

Besides her MMA bout this weekend, she has a boxing match in June in France to look forward to, and don’t expect her to quit boxing any time soon. However, Reid has a special place in her heart for MMA and will continue to pursue both sports.

“Right now, I am enjoying the business of mixed martial arts,” Reid said. “Everyone loves MMA fighters. It’s nice to be apart of that.”

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