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Emma Bush MMA Fighter

Emma Bush MMA Fighter
Emma Bush MMA Fighter

Emma Bush MMA Fighter has taken her knocks, and is proud of it. Fighter girls interview with Emma Bush. Training out of Everette, WA, Emma Bush got a little bit of late start in mma, starting when she was 25. However, these past four years, she has been catching up quickly by faced #3 ranked Hitomi Akano and seasoned vet Molly Helsel. Bush took some time to talk about her road into mma on  her upcoming fight against Sarah D’Alelio at the Cage Wars card in Mooselake Terrance, WA this coming Friday.

Emma Bush MMA Fighter

Bush has always been athletic, and looking back, noticed her aggressions in other sports made her a great candidate to train in mma.

“I actually got punched a few times in soccer,” Bush admits. “It was fun, a lot of adrenaline from the contact of that, so I always knew I liked the adrenaline, but I have never been in the ring or anywhere where I have been one on one with somebody.”

Emma Bush Fight Training

When it comes to injuries, Bush says she got most of her serious injuries through training. Broken bones and tweeked muscles are something you’d expect in the cage, but the only battle scars she has are bruises, which she proudly displays after each fight.

“I can walk around and say, ‘That’s right. I earned this!’” Bush said proudly. “I love it when they as (about my bruises), because then I can tell them about it. And you find out from some of them, ‘Yeah my nephew is training somewhere.’ It’s such a small fight community really. It’s like, ‘I know so and so.’ I like to tell people and I am always quick to tell them in public.”

About Emma Bush

Bush, working as an EMT, sometimes she sees the same injures on other people during her shift.

“It’s kind of ironic though. I have picked up some patients that got beat up and I’ll be picking them up with a black eye or a fat lip, and I’ll be like ‘Oh, this is what you are complaining about? This is noting.’”

Bush is always looking for a challenge, and hope to learn more and more every fight she takes.

“I just want to fight as much as possible. I wanna take whatever comes at me, and take any opportunity that comes my way, because that is all about,” Bush stated. “There is nobody I wouldn’t wanna fight against.”

Watch video of Emma Bush’s last fight with Sarah D’Aleio by going to our media section:

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