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Erin Toughill Talks Women MMA

Erin Toughill Talks Women MMA
Erin Toughill Talks Women MMA

Erin Toughill Talks Women MMA

Erin Toughill Talks Women MMA Since Cyborg Santos won the 145 pound title last months, there have been a lot of fighters throwing their hat into the cage wanting to knock her off. One of the most outspoken is Erin Toughill, who spoke openly on  about the issues and rumors surrounding her and the top contender’s position.

There were rumblings all weekend of the Carno-Cyborg title fight that Marloes Coenen would be considered number one contender for the title, seeing she was the replacement in case something happened to Cyborg or Carano. Erin Toughill originally offered the the on-call position but turned it down.

Erin Toughill Talks Women MMA

“My management wasn’t able to give me the guarantee, which is a contract,” Toughill stated. “I have been around long enough and I don’t think a top fighter or a top 3 fighter for that matter would got through a six to seven week camp, lose twenty pounds and just show up to the fight and hoping to get a contract then.”

With Coenen being the replacement for the fight, rumors started to spread that she would be number one contender to Cyborg’s belt. But Toughill, who knocked Coenen out over four years ago, feels she shouldn’t be a top contender.

“If (Coenen) had been winning all of her fights and doing great, hey, go for it. You deserve it. But seeing she lost to a girl that was 0-0, a pro-debuter; she lost to Roxanne (Modafferi) who is a 135-er; and she has fought some gals with a 1-6 record and a 2-3 (record), I don’t think that puts you at the top for title contention.”

Toughill went on to discuss the reasons why she should be considered for a title shot with Cyborg.

“It’s a great fight for me. I don’t take anything away from her. I think she’s very tough and in her own right is a very good fighter and she is the champion right now and I have a lot of respect for her. But that also doesn’t negate what I can do either. I believe in myself, my team believes in me, and it’s a great fight for me to win.”

Toughill said that she will be officially signed with Strikeforce over the weekend and the plans are to have her fight a few fights before a possible showdown with Cyborg. She has her sites set for a November fight and feels like this is her time to dominate the 145 division.

“I am at a great place in my career. I’m 33 years old and in the best shape of my life. I know who I am. I am very driven and very dedicated and that’s how I have stayed in the sport for this long.”

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