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Female MMA Jobs Movies Film Radio Postings

Female MMA Jobs Movies Film Radio Postings

Female MMA Jobs Movies Film Radio Postings Fighter girls website gets e mails and request for female martial arts jobs from all kinds of companies and we will keep posting them here for women and girls who are looking for jobs in the movie, film and radio industry. All are welcome to search our job postings and apply for those looking for some work or extra money paying jobs. Keeping a good fresh profile on our website with pictures so that these companies can find and contact you. You never know who might offer you some awesome job and maybe be the next celebrity.

Female MMA Jobs Movies Film Radio Postings
Female MMA Jobs Movies Film Radio Postings

Female MMA Jobs Movies Film Radio Postings

I am a film and TV Producer and am currently working on a music video for an emerging female singer song-writer. We’re looking for a female MMA fighter to star in the video and I was hoping you might be able to put the word out to your members or failing that perhaps point me in the right direction of how to contact someone who might be interested?

Thanks in advance for your help.

All the best,


Emily Stubbs

Assistant Producer

Vermillion Films

Added June 1 2016


My name is Phil Lander and I am a casting producer working with Pilgrim Studios on a brand new adventure show for the Discovery Channel. The Wheel is a groundbreaking new show taking everyday adventurers and dropping them off alone in diverse landscapes across the globe. With each turn of The Wheel, the adventurers will be airlifted to a new locale with completely different terrain: rugged mountains, deep jungles, freezing tundra, expansive deserts and more—one immediately after another, with only the most basic resources.

The Wheel is an incredible opportunity for the right people to test their strengths, weaknesses, pride, and courage as they spend 8 life-changing weeks in the wild.

I’ve attached our official casting flyer to this e-mail that you can distribute or post as you see fit. If you, or someone you know, would like to apply, please fill out an online application at

Thank you!

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