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Female MMA Twitter Facebook friends posting

Female MMA Twitter Facebook friends posting I still have my twitter and Facebook pages for my personal use and yes the Fighter girls company also! I cleaned out my personal Facebook account the other day! I only had around 250 friends on the website and was feeling a little uneasy about this because I did not want the people to notice me un-friend them and have them write to me and say what is going on?

Female MMA Twitter Facebook friends posting

I going to start from the beginning and you will understand this better! I started Facebook and twitter a long time ago actually before that I had a MySpace account HAHA for those that do not know what MySpace is? Well it was like Facebook but not as high tech but back then I guess it was great! MySpace almost died over night just like many other websites that are in this great Internet world! Just a hint if you have invested in Facebook stock! Remember MySpace and Atari gone the next day with your money!

Ok back to were I was when I un-friend the people from 250 to 50 not one-person e mailed me or contacted me about this! Trust me most of those people I did not even know friend of a friend right! The sad thing about having all those friends is that you need to be on the site constantly to read what everyone is saying! Its like 200 people talking to you at once so you have to pick and choose who you want to listen to! Trust me I probably missed out on something important many times once again to many friends! I do feel bad but some of the people on the twitter and Facebook pages are really bored either showing you what they are eating, what on line games they are playing because you will get a request to play also!

Female MMA Twitter Facebook friends posting

I do feel so much better now not being a part of Facebook and twitter that I can go out and enjoy outdoor things! Sorry about not being a part to twitter and Facebook but my life is more important than sitting around seeing what stupid political crap people post!

Facebook and twitter I guess fun at first but now is really boring!  I am sure the sites will face the same wrath as Myspace and Atari did!

Female MMA Twitter Facebook friends posting Female MMA Twitter Facebook friends posting

Female MMA Twitter Facebook friends posting

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