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Fight Camp for women only

Fight Camp for women only
Fight Camp for women only

Fight Camp for women only Welcome to Fight Camp! This column is intended to provide training articles and advice for women who participate in combative sports, including boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, wrestling, BJJ and more.   As an addition to the FighterGirls website, which has long supported women in fight sports, the Fight Camp column aims to explore training aspects that are pertinent to female athletes.

Fight Camp for women only

And who am I? My name is L.A. Jennings and I am a former fighter and fight sports enthusiast. I own a gym in Denver, CO, where I train both men and women to compete in MMA, Muay Thai and submission wrestling. I am finishing my doctoral degree in Literary Studies and working on a book on the history of female fighters.

When I started training almost nine years ago, there was only one resource out there for female fighters: FighterGirls! Surrounded by sweaty, burly men in my Florida gym, I felt the need for inspiration beyond the fighters in the U.F.C. and Pride.

Fight Camp for women only

My coach introduced me to the career of Debi Purcell and I had an immediate girl crush. I stalked her website, reading the forums and the profiles of female fighters, yet there was something missing. Websites like Lockflow contained articles geared towards the many men who were starting out in MMA, but nothing specifically for new female athletes. Over the past year I wrote articles for several WMMA publications before settling down with FighterGirls for this new project. I hope this column will inspire women to pursue their dream to fight and provide a ripe atmosphere for discussion, advice and support.

Many of these articles will be geared towards women who already train, I hope to also inspire women who are interested but feel insecure about starting. While I have personal experience as a fighter and a coach, I hope these articles incite commentary and discussion from the multitude of very talented and experienced fighters within the martial arts community.

If you have any topics to suggest or comments/questions for L.A., please write her at :

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