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Debi Purcell Victory

Come see the worlds first women’s MMA website and take a look at the History of women’s MMA from the fighters and the fans from may 2001 to present. Back in 2001 most women fighters and fans were not allowed or accepted to post things about women’s MMA because the male domination of the sport did not like the women fighting on the male cards. You will read the struggles of the fighters and fans trying to get a fight on the male cards.

The old forum on the Fightergirls website is loaded with every female fighter from the past to present all working and struggling for women rights to be able to fight on the same MMA card as the men. The history at the worlds first MMA website for women has a lot of history helping these great women fighters now fight on the UFC card and with respect.  So many great female fighters from the past and maybe you never knew about them but the history of women’s MMA started at the worlds first women’s MMA website

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