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Fighter Girls Workout Fitness Program

Fighter Girls Workout Fitness Program
Fighter Girls Workout Fitness Program

Fighter Girls Workout Fitness Program A perfect pair-the Clubbell and Dumbbells-simple, effective as a stand alone routine or combined with combat conditioning- Clubbell Forward/Reverse Parry Casts-5-10

Head Casts-3-5
Lateral Casts 5-10

The Dumbbell Complex-2-3 Rounds DB (Outside the Body-good for lateral core/whole body strength) Clean and Press 5-8 Bear Crawl/Renegade Rows-25-50 Meters Core Carries

Fighter Girls Workout Fitness Program

A fun, combat specific complex inspired by my weekend at The Superhuman Training Event-also, starring Bella:), my new fighter girl sidekick!

IMAGINE your unlimited potential-if you start NOW. I let go of the rope. YOU are in control of your strength and your mindset. You will become healthier and stronger than anyone else you know. Thank you..

Happy New Year Fighter Girls!!!

Fighter Girls Workout Fitness Program

Whether you fight, surf, skate, snowboard-or all of them, Here is a mix of both sport specific and basic strength/conditioning to develop balance and endurance. 3-5 rounds, 1-2 minute rest between rounds depending on the load/intensity:

Dumbbell Sprawl/Staggered Stance/Snatch/Clean&Press 8-10
Dumbbell Forward Reaching Lunge 8-10
Kettlebell Goblet Squat to Press 5-10
Kettlebell Single Leg Deadlift 5-8
Hex Bar Deadlift 5-8
Leg Cranks 10-20 each: Prisoner Squats/Speed Lunges/Split Squat Jumps/Prisoner Squat Jumps
Kettlebell Double Inside Swings 5-10

Create a strong, stable, beautiful, and injury proof body-specifically for the girl who grapples as the back, trunk, hips, knees, and ankles often get injured from imbalances.

3 Descending Sets 20/15/10: Grappler’s Twists

Sandbag Cross Over Step Deadlift (if you are prone to ankle/foot injuries-this is specifically for you-do it in bare feet)

Kettlebell Swings with Leash
(I am revisiting this corrective tool from Art Of Strength- a 10 foot, 18lb chain that can be used to correct movement patterns for swings, windmills, pressing, and get ups-not primarily for added weight-you’ll see this application in future videos)

Done as a superset, it will strengthen you when time is limited, give you a chance to asses the L and R sides of your body, and let you know where your conditioning levels stand.

I am finishing my 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge today by 8pm- I have committed to 4 rounds of 960 swings. 1st round was done at 7am-this is how I’m approaching the second round-3 short rounds as a warm up: Bumper Plate GTO10-12, Wall Push Ups 10-12,Sandbag Cross Over Step DL/Lateral Core Pulls 10-12, Cal Chain Single Arm Swings(I like to do 4-5 unbroken rounds of 8-10), and then go to the 40KG bell and go from there! The Warm up alone serves as a great whole body strengthener. Add practically any style of KB swing as a finisher and you’ve got it!

Two great workouts this week from Joy! Both that can be done at home and great ways to increase grip strength as well. Give them a try!

Sled pulling is great way to strengthen the whole body for stand up/grappling-sleds can be expensive and are wonderful tools, but you can MAKE your own-take a short rope that’s 1-2 inches in diameter 4-7 feet and string a few friends on like a charm bracelet:)! I used two 25 kg and 1 16 KG Kettkebell, which is plenty when you are starting-pulling a sled requires a different type of strength ( more grip and core) than pushing a sled. I am showing Lateral Pulls, Reverse and Gorilla Pulls-done for time(5-10 minutes), even in short distances, will challenge you and you’ll have fun!!!

I love a challenge! I agreed to accept a 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge that started the day after Thanksgiving and goes on until December 21st:) along with technical training-you have to smart about this, splitting it up, taking care of the foundation of your body- Fighters are asked to demand endurance, grip strength, and dynamic mobility to perform as long as the fight camp or bout lasts- these drills with the Clubbell (I am using lighter 10lbs ones) will help YOU get the most out of training as well-

The Basic Single Hand Parry Cast- both forward and reverse
The Lateral Cast with a “clean” or catch
The Rock It Drill
The Head Cast
The “March Of Death”-this is a challenging drill to master as it demands the most out of your grip strength and balance

these drills are also great on an active recovery day as well- keep the practice short and purposeful.

A quick, fun, fight circuit that improves metabolism, mobility, and whole body strength-3-5 rounds, 5-8x: Sandbag 1/2 to Full TGU, Off Center KB Clean&Press which sets up the Sprawl to Double Clean/press( one of my favorites when you need an energy boost!). Show your Grappling Dummy some love with Shouldering/Slams (whole body balance and strength for combat). Move on to Sincere Hogan’s Drop Rock and Push for both core/whole body strength, and finish with the Hex Bar for a round of Deadlifts for a body that won’t quit! Have Fun…

Two workouts today for when you’re confined to a small space and need to get a workout in! Trainer, Joy Bixbee, has put together some awesome workouts!


Does Less than 500 square feet to work with mean nothing happens? Come on-give me a good excuse why not!! Working in smaller spaces teaches you to adapt and work with your surroundings-a necessary element in life and training: KB Arm Bar Stretch, 1/2 Get Up, Heavy Band Bear Crawls, Single Arm Towel Swings- improve combat specific mobility and energy-a few rounds and you’re out the door feeling good!


You’ve cranked out the No Limitations Mobility, gone for a quick series of hill sprints to get warm-here’s something fun and quick to finish it off with-3 Rounds-Tactical Lunges(20-50), and a simple KB Snatch (5-8)- done back to back as a superset, you have an effective way to energize yourself for the day( for the Ladies who are looking to rev up the metabolism, this fits the bill in a very timely manner)

While others are sleeping or dreaming of strength, you are CREATING and developing it!!!

Check out this week’s FG “Workout of the Week”…

Get the strength and endurance you need here with these powerful 7- KB Double Inside Swings, Renegade Rows, DB Snatch/Push Press, Deadlifts (lifting chains are optional:), KB Waiter’s Walks, and Prisoner Broad Jumps-3-5 rounds either for reps (5-10 depending on your goals)-the weekend is the perfect time to attack this. While others are sleeping or dreaming of strength, you are CREATING and developing it!!!

Create Dynamic Strength, Improve Mobility, Increase Endurance needed for the cage and beyond-all women deserve to feel amazing and beautiful- no matter what sport, age, or body they were born into! Get your engine revving with Offset Push Ups/KB Cleans,Single Arm Rows, Goblet Squats, Sandbag stationary Rotational Lunges, KB Snatch, Sandbag Lateral Pulls/Reverse Bear Crawls, Prisoner Jump Squats, and Reverse Push Ups- 3 rounds can be done for time (1 min/30sec. Rest=EVIL:), or for a rep. Range of 6-10-even more fun, grab some friends and share the love!

Fighter Girl Trunk Training:

“Put more power behind your strikes and kicks! Bottom loaded KB Windmills, Overhead Squats, Grappler’s Twists, and Sincere Hogan’s Fence Jumpers-3×10-12x. Ground based trunk training is good-especially for grapplers-but, consider training the trunk on your feet as another option and for variety in your training program- Have fun with these!”

-Joy Fighter Girls Workout Fitness Program

Get your body energized and ready for anything- a full day of a fight camp or a busy day when you can’t get to the gym: 3 quick rounds should be plenty: Sandbag round the world,Double Outside Swings, Sea Saw Press, Front Squat, Alternating Floor Press, Renegade Rows,Single Leg Deadlifts, Overhead Lockout Farmer’s Walks, Level Change Push Ups, Drop Rock and Push (Sincere Hogan New Warrior Training)

“Simple and effective- great for leg as well as core strength- I really encourage female fighters to embrace the combination of dynamic strength that Kettlebells provide along with a few traditional power exercises such as the Deadlift- combine that with the Leg Cranks: 20 Air Squats, 20 Speed Lunges, 20 Split Squat Jumps, and 10 Prisoner Squat Jumps( 3-5 rounds whether you do them for reps or time: 30 seconds to 1 minute are far touhger than they look)-Have fun!”

Really simple strategies for stronger legs-a few basic strength training drills, followed by Leg Cranks- an effective combination for fighters of all styles: KB Tactical Lunges, KB Front Squat, Hex Bar Deadlifts, and Leg Cranks- 20 Air Squats,20 Speed Lunges, 20 Split Squat Jumps, 10 Prisoner Jump Squats-3 Rounds should wake the body up! Plus, these drills strengthen the core without you having to get down on the ground.

DB Snatch/Push Press, Trap Bar Deadlifts, DB Get Up Sit Up, Farmer’s Walks with Eagle Loops, Triangle Choke-another quick, simple training routine that is very specific to the needs of fighters- a body that is balanced, mobile, and reactive with a strong core/back that is needed for both stand up and ground fighting! The Eagle Loops can also be used for Pullups, sled pulls-you can attach them on anything-great for improving grip strength-key for grapplers. Go to

A strong Posterior Chain is essential for Fighters-One of many versions that will both strengthen and energize you: Clubbell Rocket Drill ( a different tool than KB Outside Swings-the distance of your grip changes both the leverage and challenge of this exercise, plus you get a little grip strength work here ;10-20), Kettlebell Inside Swings 8-10, Partial Deadlifts ;5-10, Finisher: Deck Squat to Press/Snatch-3-5. 3-5 rounds with minimal rest gets the job done quickly without a lot if fluff.

Another fun and quick whole body circuit to beat the heat during the hotter months of summer- crank out a few rounds of these: Systema (Russian Martial Arts) standing shoulder fly, Rucksack Shouldering/Bent Over Rows/ Bear Hug Squats, Dumbbell Lockout Press/ Snatch to Push Press/ Power Snatch ( the single dumbbell version of these lifts benefit fighters more for striking)-get more accomplished in less time whether it’s a busy training day or you’re ready to hit the beach! Also, summer fighter girls- hydrate more often when you are training outside! Be safe and have fun with your training!!!
Joy Bixbee

Fighter Girl Conditioning

“One of my favorite things about learning new ways to balance and strengthen the body for combat, is blending different modes of training together – believe me, I go through many different trial runs before settling on a few. Here we have dowel/band trunk, shoulder, and core strength with a few levels changes, resisted bear crawls, Drop Rock and Push, KB Seat belt Swings with H2H/Snatch Combination swings for both mobility and dynamic strength/endurance. Last, we have Prisoner Get Ups with Chains for a different approach to the Turkish Get Up for pure power in the Core (crunches? I think not….) a necessary element for fighters of all styles. A few quality rounds will serve you much better in the cage/ring. Thanks to Sincere Hogan of New Warrior Fit Camp and New Warrior Kettlebells, Christopher Reed at Empire Fitness, and Jeff Martone of Tactical Athlete for the inspiration!”
Tammi Bixbee Fighter Girls Workout Fitness Program

Toronto with Mike Mahler, Sincere Hogan (he has a strong fight/ Capoeira/Bodyweight Conditoning system), and Coach Christopher Reed at Empire Fitness with his unique take in mobility.

“This is a great body weight one I shot A while ago- great applications for fighters as well as when you are traveling, have limited space and time- this challenges the whole body!”

“This routine comes from Sincere Hogan-no equipment needed and it will kick your @#$ in a very short time-25 Fencejumpers, 50 Spidermans, 75 Drop Rock and Push, 100 Prisoner squat Jumps-I lost count on a lot of this as I was on fire-Give it a try!”

-Tammi Bixbee Fighter Girls Workout Fitness Program

Burpees are a form of tough love for many-but they are wonderful for improving the endurance/power output of a fighter, and you can do them anywhere. I have always loved them and want others to get better at them-here I am combining both specific and general strength to feed the fire for the Burpee at the end:

2-3 Rounds:

20 Grappler’s Twists

4-6 HEAVY(something that takes effort but not injury-it took me almost a month to get up to using a 50lb one) DB Clean/Press-4-6

Heavy Two Arm Swings-8-10


A powerful combination that produces results for the cage and beyond. Thanks to Eric Guttman whom I met at the Superhuman Training Event, of Eric Guttman. His Extreme Military Fitness programs are worth checking out!

Warming up and creating dynamic strength and mobility-with a few concepts learned from The Superhuman Training Event:

1.Tug of Wars-use thicker bands and short rope for combat specific grip/mobility training 2-3×5-10

2. Bear Crawls with a strike-Eric Guttman, one of the presenters at the workshop, recommends pausing at least 30 seconds when you are doing these-much more challenging than the body weight version-2-3×5; pausing 30 seconds

3. Alternating KB Floor Press, both Mike Mahler and Dru Patrick-a great Strongman Coach are the inspiration here-we’ve added a Combat Specific style of pressing-especially for the Grappler, and added a pause at the top (Dru Patrick for an isometric element)-3×10

4. Pulling-again, combining Mike Mahler’s Alternating Row/Hold(Isometric pull), Renegade Rows, and Bent Over Rows done without a pause-go lighter with your Kettlebells/Dumbbells to start-this is challenging,

5. A combat specific way to improve whole body as well as leg/hip strength with either a Grappling Dummy, or a partner(make sure they tuck their knees in and keep them in during this lift)-The Bear Hug Squat-20-30

6. A fun and tough way to rev. The metabolism, and get a stronger core-grappling dummy slams!

This routine comes from Sincere Hogan-no equipment needed and it will kick your @#$ in a very short time-25 Fence Jumpers, 50 Spidermans, 75 Drop Rock and Push, 100 Prisoner squat Jumps-I lost count on a lot of this as I was on fire-Give it a try!

Fighter Girl Morning Strength by Tammi Bixbee stay in shape with tammi’s women’s workout want to lose weight and not have to buy a video tammi updates her free workouts weekly.

Fighter Girls Workout Fitness Program

Women’s mma workout and fitness exercises keep in shape and find out how these ladies train and stay in shape .

Happy Holidays Fighter Girls!!

This gift you can open early:
3 Rounds:
Clubbell Parry/Circular Casts- opens up the body and improves grip strength 10-20
Sprawl to Dumbbell Vintage Swing/Clean&Press 5-10
KB Single Arm Rows 3-5
Dumbbell Thrusters 5-10
Cal Chain Single Arm Swings 8-10

Do this as a superset, rest 1 minute between- you will feel amazing!

IMAGINE your unlimited potential-if you start NOW. I let go of the rope. YOU are in
control of your strength and your mindset. You will become healthier and stronger
than anyone else you know. Thank you..

Full Body Strength with one great tool for the combat athlete-start with the basics and build on them: A Turkish Get Up Progression-1/2,3/4, and the full. Move to Reverse Bear Crawls with Lateral Core Pulls, Zercher Squats, and finish with Rotational Lunges- there is a lot of variety you can include in your training
program with this very specific strength training tool for both stand up and ground based fighting. The larger Power Shell filled to 60lbs from Ultimate Sandbag was
used. Like I always say, no gym? No problem!

Fighter Girls Workout Fitness Program

Check out this week’s “Fighter Girl Strength” workout by underground coach and MMA coach, Tammi Byxbee.

“What you focus on- Grows, and in this case we combine some specific strength with mobility ( training barefoot and on concrete teaches you body awareness and precision)- KB Arm Bar, DB TGU’S/Double Windmill, Forward Reaching Lunge, and a variety of Mobility Push Ups helps to build and maintain the dynamic strength fighters need”

We are so lucky! Underground Strength and Conditioning Trainer, Tammi Byxbee, was kind enough to create a “Fighter Girl Circuit” just for us! We are so excited to give this one a try!

“The thicker Battling Ropes develop endurance as well as grip strength-they are a powerful tool. If you get a chance to use some, you’ll see what I mean :). The dynamic strength with lateral cross body patterns as shown in the Rotational SB Lunge and the Figure Eight To Hold are examples of specific rather than general strength that can be applied to many fight styles and are quick to teach. It may not look like much, but a few rounds in this combination will challenge you as they are different ways of approaching Conditioning than most folks are used to- they are fun to do and quick to hammer out, which is exactly what busy women need!”

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