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Fighter Highlight Amy Davis

Fighter Highlight Amy Davis
Fighter Highlight Amy Davis

Fighter Highlight Amy Davis

Name: Amy “Lil Dynamite” Davis
Fight Style: Professional Muay Thai Fighter
Record: Complete Record 12-3; Amateur Record 9-3; Pro Record 3-0
Weight Class: 110 lbs or under
Titles/Rankings: WIKBA Ranking 49k or 107.8 lbs- #1 in USA, #3 in World
WKA Ranking 48k or 105.6 lbs- #1 in USA, #2 in World
Fights Out of: Idaho Falls, ID

Fighter Highlight Amy Davis

Last Fight Recap: My last fight was November 15, 2008 in Tampa, FL, on the “Shin Do Kumate” versus Denise Mellor, the WKA British Champion. I won by 2nd round TKO. She asked for a rematch and I have accepted, there are no details yet except for it will be sometime in 2009.
I have also been informed by the WIKBA they will sanction a rematch for a World Title in 2009.

Training Regimen: I train six days a week in Muay Thai and weightlifting and I also follow a very intense cardio program. I love to train hard and have always enjoyed seeing how far I can push my body.

Other Hobbies/etc.: I really don’t have any other hobbies besides Muay Thai. I love everything about it.

Goal for 2009: I have been fortunate enough to fight some of the top fighters in my weight division and I hope to continue this through the next year. I definitely want to fight the best! My goal has always been to obtain a World Title and I hope to attain that goal in 2009!

“For me, fighting is all about the competition. I only need one word to describe the way I fight, “Mean!” When I come to fight, I fight. And when it’s done, it’s done and I leave the fight in the ring. I have a huge respect for all fighters because I know how hard the mental and physical aspects of fighting are.”

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