Fighter Lacey Schuckman Giving All

Fighter Lacey Schuckman Giving All

Fighter Lacey Schuckman Giving All

Fighter Lacey Schuckman Giving All

When Strikeforce announced Lacey Schuckman was facing Jeri Sitzes on the under card of the “Strikeforce Challengers” on Sept. 25 in Tulsa, OK, she felt humbled. That doesn’t mean she didn’t deserve it. After an illustrious amateur career and a 3-1 professional record, Schukman is ready to take the world by storm. Although she is busy training for her upcoming match, Schukman took time to talk to on “Sportsgeeks” about her life and training.

Lacey Schukman has always been a fighter. Ever since she was young, she would test her toughness by getting into fights in school, until she learned to focus her skills in Taekwondo. She is taking what she has learned and is giving it back to kids who are acting just like her in her adolescence.

Fighter Lacey Schuckman Giving All

“They have training and that is so much to them, and that more than fighting gives me so much happiness,” Schukman admits. “To see these little kids progress and to be so confident in who they are and not to go to school and fight, but to know that they can defend themselves if they need to on top of just feeling like, ‘I exercised and I’m in good shape. I’m doing what I am supposed to,’ that’s one of the favorite things to do in my off time, train the kids.”

Schuckman has always been fighting for the underdog. Not just under privileged kids in Denver, but for her two pit bulls as well. She is an advocate against breed specific legislation and is trying to educate people that pit bulls are not what everyone expects. When it comes to her fighting skills, Schukman hopes to show the Tulsa crowd the same thing.

“Everyone thinks I am this little blond, innocent. ‘You know she can’t train, she’s not tough, she’s not strong, she doesn’t hit hard.’ No one thinks that of me, so automatically I am always the underdog. I haven’t had a fight where people thought I was going to win.”

“It just inspires me and I say ‘Yup, I’m the underdog,’ All the way until my hand is raised.”

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