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Lauren Handrahan Women’s Kickboxer

Lauren Handrahan Women's Kickboxer
Lauren Handrahan Women’s Kickboxer

Lauren Handrahan Women’s Kickboxer Muay Thai fighter Lauren Handrahan is ready to kick her way into the kickboxing ranks.

Lauren Handrahan weighs in at a lean 150 lbs and packs a mean punch, not to mention a superior roundhouse kick that will easily knock the wind out of you. I know–I’ve sparred lightly with her a few times. At 30 years old, she is currently the only female Muay Thai Boxer coming out of the famous Sityodtong Camp in Somerville, MA.

Lauren Handrahan Women’s Kickboxer

She came to Mark DellaGrotte’s camp three years ago after a family emergency brought her home to Boston in 2007 from Portsmouth, NH, where she trained with Guy Chase. Prior to that, Lauren was a hot headed young lady and was nearly arrested for assault in the winter of 2005. As luck would have it, she was directed to Anger Management Therapy instead. As she puts it, her therapist, in search for a sufficient outlet, suggested for her to find and do the most violent Martial Arts program she could find!

Upon entering a Masters program at the University of Manchester in England, she approached the school’s athletic department about any martial arts programs they offer. The woman at the desk named the G Camp the most popular and by far the most violent one they had. After her first lesson, she was hooked! Michael Embrack and Tony Garwood took her under their wing and focused a lot of their personal time training her until she left England in September, 2006. For the past three years Lauren has been personal training with Jake Steinmann, one of Sityodtong’s lead instructors. Currently Lauren teaches a woman’s class and assists with the beginner classes at Sityodtong. In January 2010 she will be heading to the world famous Sityodtong camp in Pattaya, Thailand to improve her game with master Kru Toy.

Lauren Handrahan Women’s Kickboxer

Her first fight was to be this weekend at V.A.J. Muay Thai in Cranston, RI, but finding an opponent has not been promising. However, it seems finding an opponent has not deterred Lauren; fortunately, another female fighter Tara O’Donnell from USMMA (a sister camp to Sityodtong) will step in for a sparring match in this exhibition fight.

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