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Fighter Tara LaRosa Next Strikeforce

Fighter Tara LaRosa Next Strikeforce
Fighter Tara LaRosa Next Strikeforce

Fighter Tara LaRosa Next Strikeforce

Fighter Tara LaRosa Next Strikeforce Strikeforce’s Mauro Ranallo weigh’s in, plus CBS’s Toughill-Coenen II is off Strikeforce is set to make its big CBS debut Nov. 7, and a lot of fans have been asking about what direction Strikeforce and CBS is heading with their women’s division.

Fighter Tara LaRosa Next Strikeforce

During a joint CBS/Strikeforce press conference on Tuesday, Fightergirls was able to ask the questions our readers have been asking about where women’s mma is heading in the future and why Marloes Coenen verse Erin Toughill II would not have been broadcast. (As of this writing, Erin Toughill withdrew from the fight due to illness.)

According to Senior Executive Vice President CBS Prime Time Kelly Kahl, the hope was to get Gina Carano or Cyborg Santos on the Nov. 7 card, but was unable to. When asked about Coenen-Toughill II, Kahl admitted –

“We are simply just limited in terms of time and how much we can get in. There is a certain level of popularity we hope to show in terms of fighters. (Erin Toughill and Marloes Coenen) are two fighters that aren’t quite out there in the public realm yet. We (were) hoping to show highlights of that fight during our show to raise their level a little bit and hopefully set them up with a future fight on broadcast.”

We asked Mauro Ranallo, expert commentator for the upcoming CBS/Strikeforce card who he would like to see in the cage, and one name came to mind.

“To be honest with you, I’m hoping the likes of Tara LaRosa definitely will be coming on board,” Ranallo stated. “I talked to (matchmaker Rich Cho) at length, I think that will definitely be the case. For me, Tara LaRosa right now maybe the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet. I would love to have her on board with Strikeforce.”

When it comes to the future of women’s mma on CBS, Ranallo admits that it will be even bigger in 2010.

“When you look at Sarah Kaufman, Miesha Tate, Shayna Baszler, and so on, I think truthfully that women’s mixed martial arts are primed for more growth next year and it’s up to people like Strikeforce and the folks at CBS to bring this unique brand of mma. I think I speak very much for (my fellow commentators) Gus (Johnson) and Frank (Shamrock) – where every time that I have had a female fight that I have covered, it has literally stolen the show. And now we have Kerry Vera on board, I think the sky’s the limit for women’s mma, I really ,really do. I have always been a huge advocate. Hopefully we will see more women’s mma on CBS in the future.”

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