Fighter Valerie Coolbaugh Second Time Around

Fighter Valerie Coolbaugh Second Time Around

Fighter Valerie Coolbaugh Second Time Around

Fighter Valerie Coolbaugh Second Time Around

Fighter Valerie Coolbaugh Second Time Around The rematch that Valerie Coolbaugh always wanted is happening, and this time it’s for the Freestyle Cage Fighting Title.

On the list of rematches Valerie Coolbaugh wanted, at the top was #10 ranked 135 pounder Miesha Tate. Coolbaugh lost to Tate in Tate’s final amateur match, losing to an arm bar with just seconds to go in the fight. Three years has passed, and a more talented and determined Coolbaugh gets a second shot at Miesha Tate, the Freestyle Cage Fighting Bantamweight Champion at the FCF 38 event this weekend.

Fighter Valerie Coolbaugh Second Time Around

On “Sportsgeeks”, Coolbaugh talked about her upcoming match and how things have changed since the first match with Tate.

Coolbaugh said that it was Tate who recommended the rematch.

“Last week, the promoter for FCF contacted me,” Coolbaugh stated. “They said they were looking for someone to face Miesha, and Miesha gave them my number, and (she) said ‘You may wanna check with her. It’s possible she’ll be able to fight.’ So they contacted me. It’s kinda cool. Thanks Miesha.”

Coolbaugh is actually going up in weight for this rematch, which is a weird feeling for her.

“I completely stopped all my running so I could gain weight,” Coolbaugh admitted. “(After the Tara LaRosa fight) the plan was to bulk up anyway, so I incorporated a whole lot of lifting and a lot of animal pack vitamins and protein supplements. (Now, however) it’s like ‘Ok. We’re going to take away your running and make you eat about thirty times a day in huge quantities.’ That’s what the regimen has been.”

Coolbaugh may be in somewhat familiar territory with Tate, but she knows that time changes all fighters. She looks forward, however, to facing her again.

“We’ve been on the other end of each other’s punches before. We have been on the ground with each other. It’s been a couple of years, so we both are going to be different now. I think ultimately in the end, we will be tough girls that are going to put on a great little fight.”

“I think it’s going to be a phenomenal fight.”

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