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Congrat Iolana Estrada

Iolana EstradaIt’s so great to be at a tournament such as this past weekend’s Grapplers Quest in Las Vegas and to see kids and teens competing and their proud parents standing by supporting. One 12 year old girl whom we were lucky enough to meet at our Fightergirls booth was Iolana Estrada. She looked adorable in her new Fightergirl minis as she went on to dominate her divisions.
Iolana competed in the Cruiser Weight division at 123.6lbs and took gold in BJJ and No GI replicating 2008 when she took home 3 gold medals in 2 weight classes! Not only is Female MMA growing, but the sport is being dominated in the kids and teens divisions at grappling tournaments around the world and it is a promising sign for the sports.

Iolana trains BJJ under Robert Drysdale, Muay Thai Boxing under Mark (the Hyena ) Beecher .



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