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Fightergirls MMA news Sept 2009

Fightergirls MMA news Sept 2009Fightergirls MMA news Sept 2009 Breaking news out of Strikeforce, plus Gina Carano new job, and clips from Lana Stefanac and Lacey Schukman….

Fighter girls women MMA News this week…

– Strikeforce news on the 135 and 145 Tournaments and who is the newest edition…

Fightergirls MMA news Sept 2009

– Lana Stafanac says who she is looking out for in the ADCC Barcelona tournament and her opinion on Cyborg

– Lacey Schukman on going into Strikeforce Challengers

– Gina Carno’s New Gig

– Plus more news of the week

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