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Fighter’s Opinion More Women’s Gyms

Sarah EgglestonSarah Eggleston gives her take on respect and the lack of women’s gyms.

Since the beginning of time women have had to adapt and overcome their surroundings and situations, a portion of which paved the way for women to be recognized as true competitors. WMMA has really inspired allot of women to really step it up & flex out!

Based off my own impression and experience of gyms in Northern N.Y.,unless you want to go to curves there really aren’t any female gyms to speak of. Most feel the same as I do about segregated training, If your seriously career driven, you realize that its all about focus!

There are just too many distractions when men and women train together. Not to long ago I’m sure most of you saw in the tabloids that certain promoters were faced with the question of taking the sport to the next level and no longer having the sport be segregated. I believe that this would not be sending a very good message! Clearly most of us were raised to believe that BOYS DON’T HIT GIRLS!

Once your put into the media you now have a moral obligation to try and send a positive message to all, especially today’s youth who are incredibly impressionable. All people of all ages have at one point or another in there lives needed a role model instead of an antagonist. The sport and it’s competitors should be looked at as focused and driven athletes not carnage happy freaks!

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