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Final words Zoila Frausto | Miesha Tate

Final words Zoila Frausto | Miesha Tate
Final words Zoila Frausto | Miesha Tate

Final words Zoila Frausto | Miesha Tate Before they step into the Strikeforce cage tonight, Frausto and Tate weigh-in their strategy and final thoughts. It has been a two month war of words between 135 pounders Miesha Tate and Zoila Fraisto. They can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?

Michelle Maher was on scene for Fightergirls at the weigh-ins for the Strikeforce Challengers event in Fresno, and talked to both competitors before they hit the cage tonight.

Final words Zoila Frausto | Miesha Tate

Meisha came out first, the first thing I have to say that struck me is her exotic looks, after talking with her I noticed how serious and how much effort she put into this match. Meisha look good; not dehydrated or fatigued; same for Zoila.

Meisha stated that she has been working everything and thinks it’s not the best match up for Zoila. I asked if she had to pick, how would she end this fight and she said, “Full mount pounding. Second choice would be a submission, I guess; I would take it if it presented itself. I would like it to end in the first round; if she gets lucky, the second.”

Meisha also said, “I knew coming in how Zoila’s home town would feel toward me, but after I win, I just think about how many more supporters I will have won over.” (I loved that.)

As I approached Zoila, she seemed very relaxed and just matter of fact. She looks very soild and feels comfortable at 135, even though her typical fighting weight is 125. Again, Zoila dreams about the knock out via a kick to the head. However, Zoila has been devoting herself to training BJJ and wrestling and defending the takedown. She also would like to use her hands a lot more than depend on kicking.

She feels great that she has had the opportunity to grow and fight numerous times in front of her hometown. “It only gives me more strength to finish this fight, hopefully in the first round.” I asked Zoila what are her plans after the fight and she replied, “I will take maybe a week off the back to training, I have a fight in May at Eagle Mountain Casino to get ready for.”

I asked if she would be fighting at the same weight and she did not know yet. Her dream fight would be against Tara Larosa, and she wants it! Do I hear a call out????

Strikeforce Challengers will be live on Showtime tonight starting at 8:45 p.m. pacific/11:45 eastern time. For those who have digital cable and don’t have Showtime, this is a free preview weekend, so check your Showtime channels to watch this showdown.

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