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First Fighter Girls Workshop Series Recap

First Fighter Girls Workshop Series Recap
First Fighter Girls Workshop Series Recap

First Fighter Girls Workshop Series Recap Girls from different parts of the country start arriving at the Fightergirls facility and gym at 9am. There is excitement as they tour the facility looking at the Fightergirls merchandise, discussing the pictures on the wall, and anticipate what this day has to hold. Soon after,

First Fighter Girls Workshop Series Recap

Debi Purcell and Erin Toughill arrive ready to load everyone up and head to Laguna Beach.
As they head to the beach, one girl mentions she bets we are going to an area called 10,000 steps. All concede this is going to be a challenging day. All are looking forward to the challenge. This was going to be a special day since two of the girls have never been to an ocean. We arrive and Debi confirms the 10,000 steps is the location.

Fighter girls fitness workshop and boot camp

We load up gear and head to the steps, as I look down I think to myself, this is going to hurt and then we proceed down the stairs to the beach. We all take in the beauty as we stretch and get ready. Debi points to a far off area and says “ Run to that cave and back.” We take off for the run, get back and now the fun begins. Debi heads to the top of the stairs with Thai Pads and Erin stays at the bottom with focus mitts. We all run to the top of the stairs, drill with Debi, run back down, and drill with Erin, then repeat for what seems like 1000 times.
We survive the Stairway to Hell and then all run into the cool waters of the ocean which was like heaven on burning legs. Everyone is smiling and there is a true camaraderie of these fighter girls as we head off to lunch and then back to the Fightergirls gym.
Erin Toughill starts out with some boxing drills and puts us all through the paces. We are all struck by her grace as she drills us on footwork and motion. Everyone really noticed how the smallest detail can make a difference in success or failure in the fight game. I know the girls from my gym brought these details back with us and continue to drill them. The tweaks she gave the girls became apparent as we all got on the heavybag. We could see major differences in power from just the smallest adjustments. It goes to show the difference in mediocrity and greatness all lies in the details.

Debi Purcell Fighter Trainer Coach

Next, Debi gets us going with more striking and kicking partner drills. We are again taken back by Debi’s fluidity and grace. She moves on to some ground and pound drills and later wrestling take downs. Debi brings insight through her experience in the ring on how she’s able to get in for the take down and gave us new insight on some basic and even some more advanced concepts. I could see light bulbs going off in all the girls’ eyes as they absorb these new insights.
Then end of the day, I believe we all appreciated more the sweet science of boxing and MMA. I think it was awe inspiring to be able to train with someone at the level Debi and Erin are at and to have the honor of their knowledge they passed on to us.

Pictures From the Workshop

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