Fitness & workout clothes before you buy

Fitness & workout clothes before you buy Finding the right clothes to workout in is a little challenge today with most companies producing their brand in countries like Vietnam to get the lowest possible cost for each piece of clothing or shoes. Currently most major big brands need to produce low and sell high to gain the corporate profits needed to survive.

Fitness & workout clothes before you buy

People now a days shop great deals which is not bad but because we want a good deal mean companies have to find the poorest countries and take advantage of the people to work long hours without breaks or overtime! Getting away from the USA labor board and policies that govern our country not theirs.

Women Fitness Clothing Made in USA

Its sad to see that the major companies that we purchase our clothing from pays their workers an average of .87 cents. Yes that is cents not dollars! It is true that maybe their country .87 cents goes a long way and they can afford to put food on the table for their family. I do believe in the rights of people and how everyone should be treated well. In America we have labor laws, human rights, over time and more to protect the people! America has also protection against harmful chemicals and the disposal of these toxics.

Why Buy Made In America

Lets put together a little math formula for those that buy running shoes. Most on the market or in stores for $150.00 or lets go cheap $100.00 am I close to what you are paying? So cost of the shoe to make here it is

Production labor $1.65

Material                 $3.25

Duties                     $1.50

Shipping               $0.10 its just a pair of shoes

Total cost             $6.50

I have to say what a great profit right? Don’t you wish you could have a small chunk of this? You could supply all the pro football teams with clothing and look at the funky colors Oregon Beavers have!

Keeping Jobs Here In The USA

I guess my big concern is that when these companies that we buy from using cheap labor to supply our clothing, shoes and about everything we have in the house or business. What can we sell that country to get back the US dollars that have now left our country? Think about this we are a little over $8.00 an hour minimum wage and theirs is .87 cents an hour that means they would have to work 10hrs to be able to buy a USA product for $8.00.

I am not complaining here but people tell me to boycott Walmart! I ask why should we do that? Why not boycott companies that manufacture in countries that cannot ever afford to purchase anything from the USA!

Buying Made In America Saves Jobs and Economy

I know most of you know about a deficit right? That is not all the governments fault as you see on tv or radio its from the American people buying foreign products and not selling our products to them. Ships come into our ports with huge cargo containers full of products and leave the USA empty to be refilled and shipped back to the USA! Can that person working for .87 cents be able to buy anything from the USA NO WAY!!!

Buy and shop for products and clothing that are MADE IN THE USA!

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