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    Post subject: ADCC COMPLETE RESULTS PostPosted: Sat May 28, 2005 11:09 pm

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    Under 60 k women
    Gazzy Parman over Leticia Ribiero by dec
    Veira over Roxy by arm bar
    Fugi over Hadad by arm bar
    Gracie over Montoya Gracie by decision
    Alternative match: La Rosa vs. Redzoposki La Rosa by dec

    Over 60k Women
    Borges dec over Staack
    Yabushita dec (?) over Buckner I know Yabushita won but cant remember if it was by tap out or dec
    Coenen over Kondo by knee bar (one of the quickest & nicest subs)
    Cartwright arm bar over Gielstein
    Alternative match: Kizma Button side choked (?) Ross

    Men under 65k
    Viera over over Suzuki 6-0
    Joey Gilbert over Alves by dec
    Dicenzo over Crane by submission (?)
    Melendez over Yoshita by dec
    Fabiano over Lax by dec
    Yahera over Delgado by dec
    Faber over Parrumpinha by dec
    Fietosa over Kruger by dec
    Alternative match: Jeff Glover over Muira by dec

    Men 66-76k
    Garcia over Brennan by arm bar/rib injury/verbal submission?
    Aoki over Marcos Avellan by dec
    St Pierre over Olsen by dec
    Leo Santos over Brudvik by dec
    Jucao over Kulper by RNC
    Popovich over Renzo Gracie 4-0
    Shields over Sanchez by dec
    Earle over Linqvist by arm bar
    Alternative Match: Valverde over Jamalao by dec

    Men 77-87k
    Saulo over Papadopoulous by dec
    Macacao over Hanai by submission (choke?)
    Maia over Helen by dec
    Avellan over Mihara by dec
    Jacare over Belkheiden by Kimura
    Sulsky over Bento Ribiero by dec
    Reece over Horwich by dec
    Alternative match: Hallman over Trigg by heel hook

    Men 88-98k
    Einemo over McCauley by dec
    Viana over ????? did not see this match
    Drysdale over Perosh by RNC
    Cacareco over Naito by dec
    Roger Gracie over Chim Chim Garcia by RNC
    Telles over Jouade by dec
    Patterson over Wiuff
    Xande over Grothe

    Men 99+k
    Pe de Pano over Petkovic
    Daniel Gracie over Pumphrey
    Napao over Al Turk
    Rodriguez over Gocali
    Werdum over Roberts by dec
    Corletta over Jay White
    Ferguson over Ishii by dec
    Monson over Byron by RNC
    Alternative match: Comprido over Wade Rome by dec


    Women under 60k
    Leka Viera over Gazzy Parman by dec…..
    Kira Gracie over Megumi Fuji by arm bar, impressive

    Women over 60k
    Cartwright over Coenen by Arm bar (an upset)…..
    Borges over Yabushita by dec

    Men under 65k
    Leo Viera over Gilbert by Guillotine……
    Dicenzo over Melendez by dec ……
    Yahera over Fabiano by dec……
    Feitosa over Faber by RNC……..

    Men 66-76k
    Garcia over Shinja by RNC……..
    Santos over St Pierre by Arm bar…….
    Shields over Earle by RNC…….
    Popovich over Jucao by dec…….

    Men 77-87k
    Saulo over Macacao by dec……..
    Maia over David Avellan by dec…..
    Jacare over Sulsky by Triangle/Arm bar combo…..
    Hallman over Reece by RNC….

    Men 88-98k
    Einemo over Vianna by RNC…….
    Cacareco over Drysdale by dec……
    Roger Gracie over Telles by Arm bar…..
    Xande over Patterson by dec…….

    Men over 99+k
    Pe De Pano over Daniel Gracie…….
    Napao over Rodriguez by dec……
    Werdum over Corlletta by dec…….
    Monson over Ferguson by dec…….


    Men Under 65k
    Viera over Dicenzo by dec …….
    Yahera over Feitosa by dec (30+ minute match with many overtimes)…..

    Men 66-76k
    Popovich over Shields…….
    Garcia over Santos……

    Men 77-87k
    Jacare over Hallman by Arm bar…….
    Roger Gracie over Xande by RNC……

    Men 88-98k
    Cacareco over Einemo by dec………
    Maia over Saulo……

    Men 99+k
    Napao over Pe De Pano by calf slicer……
    Monson over Werdum…….


    Men’s Finals
    Under 65k Finals VIERA VS YAHERA
    66-76k Finals POPOVICH VS GARCIA
    77-87k Finals JACARE VS ROGER GRACIE
    88-98k Finals CACARECO VS MAIA
    99+k Finals NAPAO VS MONSON

    Women’s Finals

    Absolute and Super fight


    Post subject: adcc COMPLETE RESULTSPostPosted: Sat May 28, 2005 11:11 pm

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    I wrote this out by hand and it took so long..but now it is done..If any of you are there on Sunday, come up and say hello..I am in section 112, row Q, seat 1 or 2..stop by and say hello!


    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2005 9:33 am

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    Women under 60k
    Leka Viera over Gazzy Parman by dec…..
    Kira Gracie over Megumi Fuji by arm bar, impressive

    Gumby posted live on OTM yesterday and had Leka over Parman by 2-0 not decision??? shows the same result for that match also.


    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun May 29, 2005 9:41 am
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    thanks for the news…….its kewl////

    go gumby…go gumby….its your birthday…lol

    well ladies….my ad is in the chicago sun times/todays edition.

    look in the sales wanted…SALES PT.

    look for sales pt /part time/
    you will find my website/..web page/

    listen to the songs/ its says agr metaphase chicago/
    you must have the chicago sun times sunday edition
    you will be the first ones to hear it/ its okay…its great///


    Post subject: adcc COMPLETE RESULTSPostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 1:30 pm

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    When I post that a fighter wins by decision ..I mean they win by points..I just dont know what points because I was sitting in a section where I could not read the points or see the score card..


    Post subject: PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2005 8:18 pm
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    I just found this! it’s a write up of what the fights were like.

    I thought mine was longer than a minute and a half. 🙁 I guess not. I asked people “three minutes??” and everyone were like “yeah yeah 3 minutes.” liars trying to make me feel better. 😥


    Post subject: PostPosted: Fri Jun 03, 2005 9:25 pm

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    Women’s Absolute – 1st round

    Stacy Cartwright over Marloes Coenen by points
    Tara LaRosa over Megumi Yabushita by points
    Amanda Buckner over Leka Vieira by sub (kneebar)
    Juliana Borges over Kizma Button by points

    Women’s Absolute – 2nd round

    Tara LaRosa over Stacy Cartwright by sub (RNC)
    Juliana Borges over Amanda Buckner by points

    Women’s Absolute – Finals

    Juliana Borges over Tara LaRosa by points

    1st: Juliana Borges
    2nd: Tara LaRosa
    3rd: Amanda Buckner
    4th: Stacy Cartwright


    Mark Grassman
    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun Jun 05, 2005 2:14 pm
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    Are any ADCC events RANKED or RATED?


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