Ann Wolfe Camp Responds to Laila Ali Camp

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    Post subject: Ann Wolfe Camp Responds to Laila Ali Camp PostPosted: Sat Feb 12, 2005 12:25 am

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    11.02.05 – The Ann Wolfe Camp cannot believe the recent comment made by Johnny “Yahya” McLain that, “We’ve tried to make that fight so many times.” The Wolfe Camp would like to set the record straight. Ann Wolfe’s promotional company Prize Fight Promotions has been trying to put together the Ali/Wolfe fight for the past few months.

    In fact, Prize Fight Promoter Brian Young met with McLain and his attorney in Las Vegas on December 29, 2004 to negotiate putting together the fight. Young said the meeting was pleasant and that McLain was in good spirits. Young said when the meeting was over he believed (at the time) that everyone was in agreement to move forward..

    Young said that Prize Fight offered in writing: (1) $150,000.00 to Johnny McLain, (2) $350,000.00 guaranteed to Laila Ali, (3) To allow Johnny McLain’s Absoloot Entertainment Company to be the lead promoter, (4) 75% of the net revenues from the PPV buys to Johnny McLain’s Absoloot Boxing and Laila Ali. Even though these offers were made, McLain never offered to put up any money of his own for this fight.

    It is believed that $350,000 is the highest fight purse that Laila Ali has ever been offered.

    Ann Wolfe has already agreed to the terms of her end of the deal and is anxiously awaiting the fight.

    Prize Fight says at the present time the contract talks have stalled due to Yahya wanting all the funds required to put on the fight to be transferred into his own bank account.

    Prize Fight would like to make it clear to all fight fans that they have gone above and beyond to put the Ali/Wolfe fight together, including assuming all the financial risks for this fight to happen. Brian Young says there are three dates and venues on hold in Biloxi, MS. and Memphis, TN.

    Prize Fight says they have the venue, dates, and means to make this fight happen, but they’re still waiting on a phone call from the Ali Camp to resume negotiations.

    Meanwhile, the Ann Wolfe Camp believes that it’s not Laila who’s afraid of Ann Wolfe, but in fact it’s Johnny McLain who’s scared to see his wife get in the ring with the REAL Super Middle Weight and Light Heavy Weight Champion. And, the Wolfe camp says they don’t blame Johnny McLain one bit for not wanting to take this risky fight.

    The Wolfe Camp would like to confirm for Laila Ali that “yes, Ann Wolfe does want to fight you and, yes, the Wolfe Camp wants to see it happen too, that is why we’ve been working so hard to put it together. All the Ali Camp has to do is sign the dotted line.”


    Link off of Interested in your thoughts and comments.


    Post subject: PostPosted: Sat Feb 12, 2005 12:47 am

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    I can’t believe Ann Wolfe is afraid,” said Ali, who thinks Wolfe’s management is behind the back outs. “She wants to fight me.”

    When Ali heard a deal was almost made she burst out in excitement.

    Now, frustration has set in because many lukewarm fight fans feel Ali is the one avoiding Wolfe.

    “The public is starting to question why we’re not fighting,” Ali said by telephone from Atlanta.

    Ali picked Geigger for her next opponent to prove that she can beat her easier than Wolfe. They also both fought Valerie Mahfood twice.

    “I stopped her twice,” said Ali of Mahfood, a prison guard in Texas. “Wolfe got knocked out by her the first time and had a rough time their second fight.”

    So even though Ali is stepping in the ring against Geigger, it’s Wolfe who is the opponent. But she may not know it.

    “Geigger, no matter how hard she is training, she has already lost,” Ali said.

    Possible threats
    A number of female fighters in the super middleweight and light heavyweight divisions had been clamoring for a match with Ali. But lately, the shouts have stopped.

    “Erin Toughhill was making a lot of noise, but now we can’t even find her,” said Ali, who captured three super middleweight titles. “There have been lots of others who don’t want to step up like Veronica Simmons. She just disappeared.”

    I always thought that Erin wanted to fight Ali. I might be wrong here and sticking my foot in my mouth. It wouldn’t be the first time. Probably won’t be the last.

    Just thought that I would share what I had found. Just found it interesting.


    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 12:42 pm

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    I was just going to make a thread about the toughill comments she made…


    Erin T
    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 2:27 pm
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    Laila Ali is a fool. If you saw her fight on ESPN2 Friday night you can see she felt super stupid for talking all that trash about how she’d KO Cass in the first round…Cass QUIT – Ali did not do anything to her. Ali had 19 fights and could barely stop her. I beat Cass in July by UD as well when I was 4-1-1. She is not the most technical fighter – but she has a TON of heart and is a class act and a big girl to boot. Ann Wolfe got a UD over 6 rounds a bit after me as well.

    It’s just funny listening to her talk. I’m hardly running from her LOL She knows EXACTLY where to find me.

    Ms. Ali KNOWS that we want her, hence bringing my name up. Yes, I am really running from you. And after your awesome display on Friday night, I am even twice as scared as I was before. YIKES.


    Post subject: PostPosted: Mon Feb 14, 2005 9:02 am
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    …ms ali if you would like to fight erin

    contact scarce productions at 773-250-7133

    i will schedule the fight


    erins coach
    erins manager
    erins housekeeper



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