boxing piece: Layla McCarter and Laila Ali – good read

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    Post subject: boxing piece: Layla McCarter and Laila Ali – good read PostPosted: Sun Feb 13, 2005 3:41 pm
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    Post subject: PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2005 6:46 am
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    I have just been reading about the Laila Ali and Cassandra Geiggar fight in Boxing News (I think it’s only available in Britain) under the title ‘Million Dollar Flop!’ and it said the same sort of thing about the fight except the so called reporter seems to have a REAL problem with ALL women fighters, all the way through the article there were stupid comments.

    I know that Ali picks her fights, shall we say wisely? which means that she deserves to be critisised for that and until she steps up to more suitably matched opponants and prooves herself maybe she shouldn’t talk so loud. The reporter should say what happened in the fight, if she didn’t perform well then say it, but why give all the crap comments about women in boxing as a whole?

    These are a few quotes from the article

    ‘this was her worst fight since cracking the big time, if that’s an apt term for women’s boxing.’

    ‘since women’s boxing has about as much credibility as the World One Legged Tap Dancing Championships, nobody cares.’

    ‘there was no speed or snap on anything Ali threw. She just pushed her blows as though her yellow gloves were too heavy’.

    The reporter then went on to talk about Leatitia Robinson and Monica Nunez saying that after Nunez was counted out

    ‘Robinson hollered at her, getting right in her face. A pretty, baby-faced girl, Nunez looked as though she had just broken up with her boyfriend as was about to cry.’

    How many men have you seen close to tears when they win or lose a fight which was important to them? Are they ever critisised for it?

    It really gets me annoyed when i read stuff like this, that is only written because they are scared of women getting into ‘their’ sport.


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