Dislocated shoulder

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    Post subject: Dislocated shoulder PostPosted: Sun Apr 09, 2006 6:20 pm

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    Hey ladies!

    Managed to get my right shoulder dislocated in my first fight on Saturday. *sigh*
    Anyway, after having been to the ER, and having the Dr. tell me that I had simply sprianed my shoulder (uhm, no. I saw the video, I felt the damn thing. Just b/c my trainer reset it ringside, so I didn’t go in there with it dislocated, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen), I’m going to go back for an MRI and a second opinion iwth my GP.
    ANYWAY. My point is this: How many of you either have, or have known, people who have dislocated thier shoulder? I’ve been doing Kenpo and striking arts for quite some tiem, and was looking forward to doing Muai Thai and BJJ. For now it looks like I’ll be working on cardio and kicks, until I get the ok for hitting weights and doing striking arts again. I’m just interested to see what people have to say about the different options; PT vs. open arm surgery vs. arthroscopic surgery. I’d also like to know how much it impacts thier fighting/grapplinga bility?
    Thanks in advance.


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