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    Post subject: FINALLY AND EXPLANATION WHY THE XCF WENT WRONG THAT NIGHT. PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2006 12:47 pm

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    I would like to address the MMA online community in regards to our Xtreme Cage Fighting event in San Antonio. I am the co-exectutive producer of XCF.

    Before I give any explanation as to what happened, I would like to apologize to all MMA fans across the state of Texas, our corporate sponsors and thank all of those who were in attendance last weekend. Our company has produced over 200 entertainment events across North America that include concerts, music festivals, boxing and MMA shows.

    We were the first company to bring MMA to the country of Mexico. We have produced very successful MMA shows at the Far West Rodeo (Currently Cowboys Dance Hall) in San Antonio , El Paso, and Monterrey, Mexico. We are the pioneers of Vale Tudo in Mexico–hosting our first vale tudo in Nuevo Laredo, Mex in 1998. We have had world class fighters fight for us in the past and they are still commited to fighting for us in the future. Our cards have included numerous fighters from Pride, UFC, KOTC, and Shooto. They include Larry Parker, Aaron Riley, Carl Malenko, Shannon Ritch, Cedric Marks, Rick Mathis, Steve Berger, Helio Soneca, Vince Lucero and too many more to mention. We have close working relationships with Pride, in fact a Pride representative was my personal guest at our event this past weekend.

    In all almost every aspect the show this weekend was set to be a huge success. Publicity was great, the comission was very helpful and patient, the ring girls were the BEST I have ever seen at any event, the after party was all set at the best strip club in town, and the entire city was very excited about the first cage fighting event in SA.

    This is what happened: We were planning to bring our cage from Mexico for this show. The walls of our cage in Mexico our 8 feet high–providing great visibility to the spectators. Unfortunately, our cage in Mexico does not meet Texas code…so we decided to build another cage for our Texas tour. At the weigh in at 12 noon, I was discussing the tech zone layout with the comission when it was discovered that our newly built cage did not meet regulation in Texas. The proper modifications had to made within 7 hours! We simply did not have the timeframe to complete such modifications before the venue’s doors opened to the public.

    Our last minute crew, which was not the actual company that built the cage, assured us that it would be done in time! It became apparent that they were only interested in getting paid that night, hence, the assurance that they could get it done. They took the whole cage apart and made a mess of it. My attorneys are filing the proper documents to sue this company. We had a ring at our disposal the whole time. If the welding company had told us the truth that they could not get it done–we would have had the fights in the ring instead of the cage and offered refunds if anybody wanted them.

    Thats the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It wasn’t the matchmakers fault (Prof. Guerra), not the promoter’s fault (Leland Dean) and definetly not the comission’s fault. It was 100% our fault, the producers. Everyone is getting a refund. We will be back in San Antonio with one hell of a show! We will find a way to compensate people…maybe give away free autographed posters or free entrance into the after party. I personally guarantee that everyone will have an awesome time at our next event. After all, Im in the entertainment business not the fight business. One thing we know how to do is show people a Great time…thats what sets our shows apart from all the others out there. So are we a fly by night promotion? NO, We’ve been around too long to let one little mishap keep us down.

    FYI, Adam Barnone Guerra was in no way involved in this show, eventhough he did everything possible to help out that night. Thanks Barnone!

    -Michael Medina S.


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