great womens fight in Mass

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    Post subject: great womens fight in Mass PostPosted: Mon Dec 05, 2005 11:10 am
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    This past Saturday there was a great womens fight at the WFL in MA. My teammate Page Sturtevant had her first fight. Here is a review of the fight that was done on the :Page Sturtevant (AMMA/Renzo) vs. Lilia Harvey (Dog Pound)

    While there was a lot of build up to this fight, having seen female fights from HooknShoot and other videos, I was expecting a basic fight, where one girl takes the other down and basically wins with something one learns on his/her first day of grappling. What I got, however, was arguably the most exciting fight of the night, and an amazing MMA clinic of a battle. This fight had everything; very technical stand-up exchanges, great takedowns, a great guard from Page with a just-as-impressive submission defense from Lilia. While Page spent most of the fight on the attack and getting the better of Lilia in every aspect, Lilia showed more heart than most guys I’ve seen fight and fought until the very last second. Page won the stand-up battle, having dropped Lilia once in the second round. Page also got the better of Lilia on the ground, having the dominant position for more of the fight, nearly finishing with a Rear Naked Choke in the first, and finishing the 2nd round in mount. Lilia did a great job in staying calm while Page had her back-mounted, raining punches and looking for the choke, and did an excellent job of shaking off the armbar attempt from back mount as well. Hopefully we will see more from these women in the future, and I hope this fight gets more females involved in MMA.
    Winner: Page Sturtevant by Unanimous Decision


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    Sounds awesome! I hope to hear more good things about them both.


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    Cool!! Its must be so awesome to have a first fight performance like that!


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    Great! wow, in mass even! I should have hears of this before, heh.


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