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    Post subject: HELP ME FIGHTERGIRLS!!!PostPosted: Fri Oct 01, 2004 5:48 am
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    Hi! Most of you don’t know me; my name is Julie Kedzie and I was scheduled to Keri Crothers at Hook n’ Shoot. Unfortunately, she pulled out yesterday 😯

    Jeff has offered me two choices of opponents for a replacement. One of them he says is out of Travis Phippnes (sp?) camp and the other, I believe is Shannon Hooper. Here’s my problem:

    My first impulse is to fight Hooper (she’s a bitchin’ standup fighter and I think it would be an interesting and fun match). However, I’ve already cut below 150 for my fight with Crothers and Shannon would be fighting at 170…for you experienced fighters (Debi? Erin? Tara? Olga, you fought her, do you still post here?), is it worth giving up that much weight? Keep in mind this is only my second MMA fight.

    The other girl (I’ll let you know her name when I know it) is fighting at 160 and all I know of her is that she’s “not as skilled as Crothers.”

    I’ve been training my ass off and I WILL fight. I haven’t talked to my trainers yet (will do so when I get offline) and a lot of it depends on what they say, but I wanted to hear the opnions of the pros too. I WILL fight.
    The question at this point is, is Hooper the right choice for me at this stage?
    Thanks ladies!!!!!



    Post subject: PostPosted: Fri Oct 01, 2004 4:26 pm

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    I should preface this message by saying that I’m not a fighter and don’t train at all. But, I attended the Hook n Shoot Revolution. I was working freelance for a South Bend television station.

    Anyway, here are my thoughts on the subject. If it were me, I wouldn’t fight Angela Hooper. My impressions, and I certainly could be wrong is that she is a big 170, meaning she probably cut. If that’s the case then she could weigh closer to 180 come fight time. You could be fighting a very solid fighter 30-40 pounds larger than yourself.

    In my opinion, Hooper was beating Olga before Olga’s punch. Now granted this fight ended quickly, but I came away very impressed with Hooper’s boxing skills. Her punches were very quick, accurate and straight.

    Additionally, Olga is a very powerful woman. I believe she was an accomplished power lifter. I also pretty sure that she cut weight for the fight, meaning both women were probably closer to 180 than 170. One punch changed that fight. And I would be concerned that with that weight disadvantage I would be able to generate that kind of power, not to what a disadvantage that 30-40 pounds might be in any ground fighting.

    I’m in no way trying to discourage you, I’m just some schmuck giving his two cents worth, but if you were my wife or kid sister I would encourage you to fight the lighter opponent. Either way, I hope to be there, and my buddies and I will cheer you on.

    Good luck,


    Post subject: PostPosted: Sat Oct 02, 2004 1:12 pm

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    Hey Jules…email me…

    Jessica Ross


    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun Oct 03, 2004 7:01 pm

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    Hi Jules,

    Wow, I can’t believe that fight happened two years ago!

    First off I wish you good luck in your upcoming fight, with whom ever lady you end up fighting with.

    Quick Note to Bilar; Shannon weighed in at around 167lbs and I at 169lbs, not even close to 180lbs. Our contract need us both at 170lbs. It was definitly very tough for me to cut weight, cause at that time I was 180lbs, now I’m down to 165lbs.
    I can totally respect your opinion on you thinking Shannon (not Angela) was beating me, her punches LOOKED great, i’m sure but none (only the first one)even touched me..the rest, she was punching the air in front of me. Definitly a tough lady, and I believe I got lucky with that punch, and once on the ground, I knew that fight was mine. 🙂

    Regardless, Shannon was my third fight. Now, prior to that I had been training since end of ’98 in MMA and early ’99 in BJJ. I have no idea what your fighting experience (training wise) is, nor do I know anything about your first fight. What I do know is though, giving up 20lbs to someone is alot, and that’s not fair to you. I don’t know anything about you, what I do know is that Shannon is a tough and strong lady.

    I know it’s not much info, I hope I’ve helped, even a bit.

    Please feel free to e-mail me if you like,

    Thanks and good luck!!!



    Post subject: PostPosted: Tue Oct 05, 2004 5:30 am

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    I think we agree on the bottom line, if would be a very difficult fight for Jules because of the weight difference. That’s the point that I was trying to make.

    I do want to clear a couple of points up. First, I’m sorry if anything I wrote upset you. That certainly wasn’t my intention. I had read that you cut weight for the fight, so I figured once you made weight you rehydrated as your body tried to get back to its normal weight. If that wasn’t the case, I apologize.

    Secondly, I in no way want to take away from your victory. You won! It was great. You showed tremendous heart and skill. Remember, this was my first exposure to women’s MMA, so like any reporter, I sought out more knowledgeable people and asked them about each fight. The three folks I talked to, and all of them had a lot of experience, picked Hooper to win. That’s why I considered it an upset, based on their opinions. But as we both know fights aren’t about opinions, and in that decisive moment you stepped up and performed.

    I didn’t consider that punch lucky. You have tremendous power, and it caught her, and once she was stunned you capitalized and ended the fight. Great job. The thing about Angela Hooper is that she looks like a magnificent athlete. Her arms were shredded, she’s long and lean, throws snapping jabs and has a great style about her. All things that grab the casual fans attention. And I would classify myself as a casual fan.

    My final point to Jules, which again I probably didn’t make as well as I could have, was that coming from a powerlifting background you have exceptional power. Power that someone weighing less than 150 pounds may not be able to generate especially if she’s recently cutting weight.

    So if you took any offense to what I said, I apologize. Your fight was magnificient. You had a gameplan and at the moment of truth you stepped up and executed. My concern was that with such a weight disparity between Jules and Angela, that disparity might not allow Jules to do the same thing.

    Again best of luck, and when are you going to fight again?


    Post subject: PostPosted: Tue Oct 05, 2004 7:48 pm

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    It looks like Shannon Hooper versus the other girl would be a better matchup than either one against Kedzie.


    Post subject: PostPosted: Sun Oct 10, 2004 6:31 am

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    Hi Bilar,

    I didn’t take any offense at what you wrote.
    I was just stating a few things. 🙂

    But first, let’s clear up, It’s Shannon Hooper I fought, not
    Angela. That was Mayra’s opponent. 😉

    Anyhow, yes after weighing in I believe I went up to 175lbs…

    I do agree though that Jules would be giving up alot of weight
    to Shannon..and again, not taking anything away from Jules,
    as I do not know anything about her, but Shannon is a very strong
    and touch fighter.

    I wish her the best of luck.



    Post subject: PostPosted: Mon Oct 11, 2004 7:10 pm
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    Hi guys!!!!
    Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply–my internet connection SUCKS!!!!

    First off, thank you sooo much for taking the time to reply to me–Jessica, thanks! I owe you an email! Olga….wow! 😳 It’s awesome to hear from you!
    Bilar, I don’t know you, but come introduce yourself after my fight, okay?

    You’ll all be happy to hear that I turned down the fight against Hooper (WAY out of my league at this point), with all the advice taken in strong consideration. I’ll now be fighting against Jen Case…and, with my usual appeal to my fightergirls, what’ve you got on her? Anyone know anything about her? I hear she’s a jiu-jitsu stylist from Witchita…at this point she only outweighs me by 10 pounds (145 girls, where ARE you? 😆 )

    Anyway, thanks a billion for all your help and advice! you guys rock!!!

    😆 Jules


    Post subject: See Verhoeff-Gefferie weight diffPostPosted: Tue Oct 12, 2004 5:39 am

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    Good move on your part. In their recent mixed-gender MMA match, Marc Gefferie, a guy weighing 145 like you, gave away 23 lbs to Irma Verhoeff (at 168, close to what Hooper would weigh) and could only manage a draw. That should tell you something.

    Best of luck.


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