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    First of all, let me say that I usually find real street fights clips more exciting than fights in the ring (just a personal preference). But the
    Hook n Shoot Revolution 2 DVD is as good as the first volume. Stand-
    out fights are Angela Wilson vs. Tara LaRosa (I hated the outcome,
    though cuz I cannot stand one of these 2 girls), Chris Van Fleet vs.
    T. Vlahac, and Julie Kedzie vs. Terry Blair. No surprise that last
    fight was so good because often the novice fights are much better
    than the super-athlete fights. The Judy Neff and Jennifer Howe
    fights tend to be in that category. I mean good for them, but the
    audience, I would bet, will find the longer, more equal fights much
    more entertaining. The interviews were as good as those in Revolution. I just wish they had interviewed Angela Wilson! All in all, highly recommend the DVD.

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