Hollywood Vs Reality

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    In M.A. movies, particularly Van Damme flicks, a plot-staple is the underground fight scenes of no-rules, serious injury and sometimes death. There was even one featuring Eric Roberts and Wayne Newton of all people called “Best of the Best 2” where such funa nd games were held at a memders-only club in vegas.

    These scenes always seem to be placed in some out of the way place with the crowd comprised of the rich and kink-driven looking for buzz and bets.

    Even the beginning P.R. push of the UFC was that of a no-rule cage fight where anything goes and anything can happen. Obviously the threat of law suits, reduced cable airings and reduced profits have made show promoters/producers take that edge off. Tank Abbotts’ whole persona and appeal seems to be centered around this image.

    In your experience, how much reality is there to the fightclubs, the pitfights etc, that Hollywood loves to present? Urban legend or not? Real or not, mainstream MMA/NHB events seem to like to flirt with the ‘death match’ image. What appeal as a fighter or a spectator does such a scene hold for you?


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