Information about Angela Wilson and Debi Purcell

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    Catalonia is not Spain
    Post subject: Information about Angela Wilson and Debi Purcell PostPosted: Wed Dec 14, 2005 5:56 am

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    Hi, I’ve just registred. I’m catalonian (sorry for my “regular” english :D), and I have some doubts about some fighters girls…

    1- I have heard the unique art marcial that Angela Wilson knew was judo (I think she was judo champion), but in Hook n shoot she punches her rival standing. Did she only know judo or was training in striking arts??

    2- Debi Purcell was model?? I am not sure at all…

    Ufff, it’s difficult to find information about fighters girls, not like fighters guys 😀


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    Yeah, i think angela was a black belt in judo and placed high in tourny’s. She did some ametuer boxing as well. I wonder where she went, she was acually pretty cool to wacth. Tara Larosa is also really talented in judo too.
    Debi could model if she wanted too;)


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