Just needing to vent a little

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    Post subject: Just needing to vent a little PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2005 12:38 pm
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    Who do you look to for answers when the ref doesn’t do a good enough job protecting the fighters? In the fight against Morgan and Burkman it sounds like the fight was stopped 10 seconds too slowly. And for any one who has ever fought 10 seconds is a REALLY long time to be in an unprotected state. Rumor mill has it that Sam suffered a grade two concusion, dislocated jaw, cracked orbital socket, and a couple deep cuts. He had to be taken out of the building on a back board in an ambulance. I have seen it happen on a smaller show as well. Some one very close to me was fightig and got knocked out with a hook followed by a knee, as he lay on the ground the other fighter continued to hit him, the ref finally had to realize that waving his hand in front of the consious fighter wasn’t enough to get his attention, and eventually tackled him off the guy. The guy ended up with a broken nose, boken tooth, and umpteen stiches in his mouth, and lips. Even with wearing a mouthpeice. Again all this only took a few seconds. As a fighter myself I never stopped until the ref said so, the ref calls the fight, if my opponents tapped but the ref didn’t see it the fight was still on, too many times have people gotten away with that technicality. So I don’t blame the fighters. Really I don’t know what I’m looking for in this post. It’s just such a huge disapoinment to me. And a little scary. The ref is there for the fighters saftey. If a show with the ufc’s experience and budget can’t ensure against irresponsiblity like this where do the rest of the smaller shows stand. And I realize that in fighting there are risks that one must take, and about three quarters of the time a waiver to sign. But I don’t feel like I’m alone in saying that every time I’ve ever stepped into the ring I’ve had to entrust my bottom line saftey to the ref. I have to say that after the last six months where I have seen several serious injuries, that just didn’t have to happen, I am more than ever in favor of the sport being governed by a sanctioning body. At least in Vegas there has to be FORCED MEDICAL INSURANCE for the fighters. I give props for that. I don’t know how many shows I have been to where you have to track down the promoter loading the ring into the back of his pick up truck to get paid, good luck holding them accountable for anything. (sadly enough these shows were the same ones with out waivers) I’m looking for people with similar stories, or any insghts.


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